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Brush face entrance guard 丨 face recognition do intelligent terminal security, in addition to increasing the identity check and there are many benefits!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-09
Many people think that intelligent security registration, is the way the visitor registration identity information, transformed from the traditional hand-written registration id card reading or facial recognition, benefits only registration faster than before, but actually use face recognition as an intelligent terminal visiting registration than the traditional visit can do much more. Face recognition visitors terminal, combined with the function of the software embedded, through public data, can realize the second generation id card collection, witness contrast, print, visitors slip, WeChat booking, data query, document scanning, brush face entrance guard, the brake switch, etc. There are some security level is higher, also will use a 3 d structure light camera face recognition of the terminal. For outdoor light factors influence of the environment, can take attendance, brush brush face face way such as visiting registration completed. Such as intelligent brake head face recognition, which can realize high efficient and fast face recognition, once through identity verification, can control gate automatic switch, can be applied to enterprises, communities, campus access scenario. Recently, the Shanghai garden started in innovation, brush is realized by using facial recognition terminal face brush, brush face of the elevator, face passing entrance guard, brush face sign in and rice TangShua face to pay, and other functions, the entire paperless without card, at the same time through data platform to understand user brush a face. Such a full-scale face recognition terminal intelligent security benefits? Let's have a comb and compare. The traditional visiting registration, arrived at the front desk, joint with you just walk away. No one receives, you may want to wait for half an hour at the front desk. , visiting registration, you need to leave your information on the clipboard and materials ( Although the front desk can't confirm whether your information is true) Slip, and then get a visit, exchange slip even when leave, to prove that you have already left. Throughout all by hand operation, inefficient and inaccurate. Intelligent face recognition method is used in the terminal visit to register, you can through the online booking in advance. By uploading information and identification, visiting arrived at the front desk in the day, you just need to brush a face on face recognition terminal, can through comparing to witness, some can even get through public data, convenient examination the truth of visitors. Leave, do not need to submit a slip, just in front of the intelligent face recognition gate brush face, can free access, improve witness comparative efficiency, and can reduce work load security personnel. Face recognition within 10 seconds to register into the terminal can be done, 2 seconds, validation staff leave, visitors and reduce the waiting time and reduce workload, security personnel do effective security. At present, the domestic some scenic spot also by alipay dragonfly embedded face recognition gate, implement the authentication and brush face lock. In addition, in some special places, the face data information system can help make smart records and find, to warn the area of the overflowing and guidance in advance, can also according to the staff's whereabouts trajectory, anticipation of abnormal behavior and alarm, truly intelligent security.
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