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Brush face era 丨 the basic feature of human face recognition technology

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-09
Face recognition as an identification based on facial feature information is a kind of biological recognition technology, has been widely used in all walks of life, such as entrance guard, subway, airport, construction site and so on various entrances and exits. Now people are more and more lazy, lay persons is not sitting, sitting can not stand. Based on the social trends, face recognition entrance guard arises at the historic moment, more and more popular on the market. Especially using facial recognition technology is not the same human visual characteristics data information for identity resolution to identify with the latest technology, to be one of the types of biological characteristics technology. Face recognition technology is a kind of comes from people's facial features, facial image or video streams of input to arrange, from each face of location, size, and each location information data, the focus of the facial organs to collect status of each face basic characteristics, and its contrast with always face, face recognition system, a series of corresponding technology, and its face image extraction, face accurate location, prepare to deal with face recognition, identification including identity check, confirm the identity of the specific number. Facial recognition technology the use of the advantages in terms of the number of identity discrimination and basic characteristics: no touch, consumers don't need to direct contact with the equipment; Customers easier to accept degree is high, the discriminant is natural, don't need the number of people; But after thorough check, keep to identify than hd pictures; Non-mandatory, recognize facial image information data can be extracted active; Convenient and efficient, can discern no problem walking speed.
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