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Brush face in combination with the feasibility of the self-service checkout, security is fundamental!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-09
Brush brush face payment, face attendance, brush brush past security, face into village & hellip; … Face recognition technology has penetrated in every aspect of our lives. Many people are still in doubt whether facial recognition technology is reliable, but face recognition application has already cleared more steps, realize the brush face + the new mode of self-help. Face recognition itself can bind people's identity information accurately, without artificial check, will witness contrast and identity verification to the intelligent hardware and big data system, such as edge calculation way to deal with. In urban security, for example, a concert by human face recognition and face recognition device quickly identify the escaped prisoner in the crowd, speed up the security, no longer artificial watching video, given that cost too much time and manpower. Through human face recognition and face recognition device, it can get rid of the artificial processing, human liberation. Extended to other areas, face recognition system can eliminate human intervention, and can guarantee the accuracy of the identity ( Scan the qr code is possible for unauthorized take brush, and so on and so forth, brush face can put an end to this situation. ) A simple example, the city was a nobody self-service supermarkets, sweep into the store is code into the brush and face into two kinds, store checkout is self-service checkout ways, pay can support scan code and brush face payment, you guess which kind of way of cargo damage rate will be lower? Undoubtedly, brush brush face into the shop, and face pay no self-help supermarket cargo damage rate will be lower, because by brush a face, can more accurately identify customer identity, if appear to steal, etc all can quickly target figure. , such as self-help station, brush brush face face self-help security, brush brush face self-service check-in, hospitals face register self-help, self-help payment scenarios, such as identification binding are based on face recognition, identity information is more accurate and have uniqueness, better guarantee + brush face the feasibility of the buffet. Sky wave intelligent launched terminal face recognition TPS980 can support fast accurate face recognition, can be used in self-service switch-off machine, self-help station, etc. Some people think that facial recognition may cause the leakage of personal information, but in public, most current face recognition application itself can realize smart city security. As for face recognition applications involving personal privacy, typically by reliable information platform to collect human face, for example alipay, the dragonfly pay cash register and WeChat frog brush brush face face to pay cash register, itself is already through national recognition, can be real-name authentication on the Internet platform. For history suspicious face recognition device, of course, we should be cautious and identify, but currently in use top manufacturers face recognition technology, or basic belongs to the safe.
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