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Brush face of payment: in the age of 5 g is going to be a phenomenal payment!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-09
All say we are living in an age of watch face, people with higher leels of appearance, can rely on face to have a meal, now it is not a metaphor, but by dinner time really come in the face. In 2018 the Chinese brush face pay user up to 0. 6. 1 billion people; Brush face pay user scale is expected to grow to 94 2019. 0% to 1. 1. 8 billion people. Will continue to maintain high-speed growth, is expected to breakthrough 2022 size 7. 600 million people. As this year 5 g of large-scale commercial, 5 g must provide more possibilities, let the brush face pay with different platforms, enterprise, in the scene more complete collaborative innovation. Predictably, brush when face after payment into more application scenarios, achieving universal brush face is only a matter of time. Had called, high-speed rail, Shared cycling, sweep the yard payment, online shopping is the new four great inventions of the world. Why a new four great inventions, convenience is the key factor. From 2019 brush ChengXinFeng mouth face pay unusually hot and evolution, is still a convenience. Compared with today's popular payment, brush face convenience significantly higher. Do not need to enter the password, even without mobile phones, and other Scan & throughout; Pay greatly improve the efficiency of payment and security issues. This super simple payment method meet the requirement of modern consumers to simple. Pay treasure who share a set of data, 7 - 11 convenience store access to brush face pay a month's time, the user use ratio is more than 6 months before the sweep code to pay online. Therefore, brush a face, the enthusiasm of consumer fundamentally promote the popularity of brush face pay. If the development of new technologies, as well as its own convenience is brush face to pay the cause of the rapid rise in 2019, the payment platform of positive directly promoted the brush face to pay the arrival of the first year. Pay market since last year the whole brush face, ali and tencent on two giant from line to line, pay the application of continuously in innovative ways, swept through the new retail market. At the end of October, unionpay's incoming is to let the market for a new change of tuyere continues unabated. Unionpay & other; The blue whale & throughout; Leap from the water, brush face pay market direction is formed from the upper reaches of the ali, tencent, brush unionpay and face pay equipment manufacturers, to the middle of the service provider and agent, finally to the downstream retail stores and businesses & other; Featured throughout the &; Pay the industrial ecology. In the larger brush face payment industry, various market layout is ongoing. In 2019, pay treasure to pay double WeChat giant push, known as China faces to pay first, but in that year, the policy of the giant and the market is in a period, limited by the terminal design cycle and capacity problems, is expected to face 2019 terminal market scale will reach 15 trillion yuan. By 2022, from the terminal condition, market acceptance, policy and so on comprehensive evaluation, in 2022 China face payment terminal market scale is expected to reach 185 trillion yuan. It is not hard to see, brush face to pay all the advantages, made it to the existing mobile payment, to make a good supplement. In the case of each payment platform, actively promote phenomenon also is expected to become the next level of payment.
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