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Brush face pay ground, not enter when enter at this time

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-04
Brush face the payment industry is only the beginning, the so-called advantage of month, the first to enter a batch of entrepreneurs has reap the benefits of technological change brings. As technology competition, more and more participants will come to share, seize the tuyere incoming brush face early payment market, so as to accumulate more competitive advantage. A brush, face with facial recognition technology rapid development, payment application algorithm improve accuracy, safety performance is also increasing, & other; Brush the face & throughout; Has gradually in the financial, public security, frontier defense, aerospace, education, medical and other fields & other; Ground & throughout; , to ensure the privacy of the public at the same time, to facilitate the public to enjoy life. Brush face small payment application market to the supermarket convenience stores carwash, big mall subway station to the hotel, application scenario is everywhere. Now because brush face tuyere has just arrived, haven't enough official service providers to docking merchants, to put this project to market trend tuyere so foreground is very considerable, blank is the largest market. In August 2, brush face pay scene, WeChat pay out & other; The frog WeChat pro” , announced officially launched based on packet WeChat card member, small program combined with the frog equipment & other; Brush face throughout the members &; Solution, stores in addition to sweep yards and brush face payment ability, can efficiently obtain the member. Accordingly, pay treasure also announced in September 24, for online business scene open & all other Light throughout member &; Payment ability, and the brush face equipment & other; Dragonfly & throughout; Brush face get through, the user can be light as a member of the business, in addition, businesses after access dragonflies, still can give ali cloud packages for, pay treasure to support the small program flow, etc. With 5 g AI depth fusion, brush face 2019 times will accelerate to enter. Statistics show that face recognition in the future market size will keep the growth rate of around 20%.
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