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Brush face pay | more efficient and convenient, seize the opportunity and win-win future!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-06
Since brush face pay, quickly occupied the market, attracted the attention of numerous merchants, pay treasure and WeChat payment giant follow closely the development of The Times, launched brush face pay equipment, full offline market opportunities. So, why pay more and more fire brush face? Brush face pay advantage? We look together. Image: network first, brush face pay compared with other payment way, brush face the most prominent characteristic is that there is no payment medium, don't need cash, mobile phone, qr code, such as medium, pays only for brush face equipment can complete the payment, brush face pay will not only satisfy the needs of modern people to go out without a, is also more convenient and quick. In addition, the brush face pay equipment using 3 d optical camera, can accurately identify the user's facial information, security than the account password security. Second, brush face pay can effectively reduce the cost of merchants; A brush face payment device is equivalent to a cashier. For supermarkets, restaurants and other places, the check-out queues at peak will appear, and brush face pay equipment can effectively alleviate queue. Brush brush face pay, just use face of equipment can complete payment, only 2 - the entire process 3 seconds. Pay the speed increase will reduce the happening of the queue, effectively improve consumer experience, the elderly and children also can use brush face payment, avoid the wrong operation. Image: network finally, brush face pay experience is preferred; Use the qr code to pay, you need to open the cellular phone and App, bring up the payment code; Brush face pay without these steps, simply brush face to face equipment, enter a phone number at the end of the four, can complete the payment. Customers can self-help to complete the payment process after shopping, even with children is not convenient to take phone also doesn't matter, and payment process simple, pay experience is better. Can see the brush face pay is the necessary product of times development and social progress, brush face will change the former tedious payment way, become a new trend and the trend.
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