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Brush face pay opened a temporary new market blue ocean 丨 bill how to do to be not stable

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-07
Since 2019, brush face pay opened a temporary new market blue ocean, but not every brush face can actually make money. Then brush the face cover how to profit? This is among the many brush face the payment industry service providers and others are thinking of problem. Do pay you to be around a principle, regardless of the code to pay, or brush face to pay, or POS payment, important profit without a principle, & other; Merchants trading FenRun water & throughout; 。 Merchants credit you are unable to get FenRun binding personal yards, only input payment company system, binding merchants bank card payment FenRun can be attained. Pay treasure dragonflies, or WeChat frog, you can understand him as a scan code gun, payment is changed, this time is to sweep the face. Sweep code gun must be by the cashier cashier software to implement sweeping code, in the same way, brush face pay equipment even though he can independently cashier, but if only binding of merchants personal qr code, it will not bring you a cent FenRun. ( At the same time is bad for business) That how to do? The money is so big, not a penny also close not back! The crucial step is here. Into has played havoc played havoc, is not to brush face payment instruments, so university asked how could have? Right, he is so much knowledge. “ Business how original cashier system docking brush face payment device and to obtain FenRun do & throughout; &ldquo,; Business not cashier system how to obtain water FenRun & throughout; &ldquo,; Brush face equipment independent cashier want FenRun do & throughout; &ldquo,; Can't connect channel between how do & throughout; A series of problems. At this point, the need to develop the technology to solve. A strong set of payment system after accumulate over a long period of precipitation is not one or two years is not developed, brush face pay is only a method of payment, and Lord POS payment, and pay, be swept, aggregation, payment, payment and so on all need technology to solve. For old polymerization payment company, they just added a payment method, for the new company, will make the whole system. Now the mobile payment system is not only limited to pay, and do pay + function. So if a start-up company this year, he first on technology to solve. So take a few face brush machine, or a qr code, brush face, said from already do clearly. Said before, the cheater company, literally into the brush a few face equipment promotion, there is no technical solution, businesses can only personal collection, penny FenRun also can't get you. Want to get a brush face pay deal FenRun light machine doesn't work, you must have technical solutions. So you may have heard that, the frog development version, pay treasure to development version. Only has the technical strength of the company the development version, development version he can solve the problem of limited to personal code collection. Only real technologies development version of brush will face to pay device to the ground to the market, and can give the agent FenRun water trading. At the end of the day, to find the right do brush face pay tech company cooperation is the fundamental.
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