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Brush face pay outbreak, face recognition dining room to become the new boom

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-04
The rapid development of modern society have to let's amazing! Relevant data show that predicts 2022 brush face pay user will break through 7. 600 million people, brush face pay trend has been set! Paid in brush face facial recognition technology as the core, allow the user to the picture is more clear, making it easier for users to pay. Have a meal, shopping, have a class, as long as the brush work face, a very pleasant life let us easily. Brush face pay outbreak swept through the same regiment meal industry, brush the face pay outbreak, become a new craze for face recognition the canteen. In the face recognition & other; in the dining room Brush the face & throughout; Dinner already is nothing new, is coming into fashion when I was 14 years. Brush a face to the canteen payment industry has brought new change. Long-range order, & other; Brush the face & throughout; Repast, solve the user choose food difficult, slow settlement, such as historical consumption information can not query pain points. As, ZhiYun board face recognition system, with the rise of brush face pay in more and more application of landing in the scene of the canteen. Recently, the ZhiYun board face recognition system introduced a new 3. 0 version. This solution can accurately recognize faces characteristic information, attributes with facial recognition, the key position, depth, face alignment, live detection algorithm learning function, such as in a dynamic environment also can undertake visual identification, fast accurately identify diner, provide high quality 0 seconds delay payment service. Face recognition canteen brush face pay will be the future trend of canteen management system, is also the following mobile payment hot style dark horse, is the whole dining room changes between the informatization reform era. When face recognition canteen development entered a new era, radiation to our life, ZhiYun food always adhere to the technology value and social value, for every customer to provide professional wisdom dining room solution, for each render a canteen manager dreams contribution! The future canteen, by face recognition canteen will be open & quot; A face of tong & quot; A new era!
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