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Brush face pay prevailing in the market, more convenient and safer!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-04
Brush face pay became popular in the market: last year, brush face to pay up. At the end of 2018, pay treasure to brush face pay products & other; Dragonfly & throughout; 。 Last march, brush WeChat face pay equipment & other; The frog & throughout; And officially launched, brush face entered the stage of large-scale commercial payment. In addition to the large supermarket, restaurant chains, many small and medium-sized businesses have received two payment from alipay and WeChat wholesalers & other; Sincerely invite & throughout; 。 A fruit store owner bamboo, women said WeChat, pay treasure to two sales people are commitment, if brush face payment reaches a certain limit, can also have a cash back reward, & other; Feel the strength like a few years ago to promote qr code to pay. ” A drop down installation costs, plus the return on a 1000 yuan reward, let more small and medium-sized merchants accept brush face pay equipment installed. Alipay had revealed that over the next three years will invest 3 billion yuan to support business finish brush face payment hardware digital transformation, and unofficial WeChat has also been revealed will have higher rewards to brush a face completed the digital transformation of hardware. Brush face pay more secure: first of all, we from the aspects of safety performance, brush face payment must be pay higher than sweep yards. Pay code is divided into two cases, one is the user active merchants qr code for payment, one is user payment payment code for merchants and code. But before a way to let users to qr code with a Trojan virus, a serious threat to mobile security; And user code, the payment will appear the possibility of being stolen brush, there is news before is that when someone is standing in line waiting for the payment of advance payment code interface, is the man standing at the back for unauthorized. These things actually happen every day, but some people think the loss amount is small, so don't choose alarm processing, and some even don't know in the presence of such circumstance how to deal with.
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