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Brush face pay rise, China POS network to answer you

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-06
From the money to the mobile terminal, from the password to pay, the payment link of mass consumption, is increasingly out of bondage. And one of biological pay for its uniqueness and irreplaceability, is gradually replacing traditional financial payment tool, leading the future payment settlement patterns. Biological payment is on behalf of fingerprint identification and fingerprint identification still need with mobile phones, although already very convenient, but for some special cases, mobile phone forgotten or no electricity, couldn't make a deal. It is in this case, was born the brush face, brush face payment application, it is the result of the development of era. Brush face pay wave began to rise, but there are still a lot of people know about brush face pay is not comprehensive, the village there are many questions, here small make up will give you list some common questions. 1. What is a brush face to pay? Brush face pay is a kind of AI facial recognition as the core of the new payment method, based on the features of information for the identity authentication of the biometric identification technology, technology is the biggest characteristic can avoid personal information leakage, and adopt the way of non-contact identification. 2. Brush face pay simple operation? Brush face payment process is very simple, you don't need my wallet, credit card or mobile phone, when payment only need to pay her face to face brush screen of the device camera, brush face payment system will automatically consumers face information that is associated with individual account, the entire transaction process is very convenient. 3. Brush face payment security? AI brush face equipment adopts combined with biological recognition technology and graphic data processing techniques to achieve authentication, misjudgment rate is only one over one million. Even the twins or cosmetic can be accurately identified. 4. Will butt original cashier system? Can brush, face payment is on the basis of the original system increase a way of payment, does not affect the cashier system. 5. Brush face pay limited industry? There is no limit to the industry, any industry can be installed. 6. Compared to sweep yards pay have what advantage? For consumers, the operation is convenient, without relying on external medium, the old man can also easy to use; For merchants, brush face pay can increase the interaction with consumers, reduce labor costs, shorten the time of cashier, improve the efficiency of cashier. 7. Equipment vendors need not can be recycled, such as running water is not big enough or not, the store we can recycle back shop to another shop? Equipment can be recycled to use again. 8. What are the brush face pay equipment currently on the market? For the moment, relatively mature brush brush face pay equipment have alipay dragonfly face brush equipment and WeChat frog face payment device. 9. How cooperation can pay directly with brush face WeChat, pay treasure to official cooperation, go to the website to apply for become a service provider, waiting for the approval, or is the official service company for cooperation.
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