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Brush face pay what are the advantages?

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-09
In the past, consumers need to carry cash to spend. Sweep yards after payment development, consumers only need to carry mobile phones to pay code can consume. Nowadays, brush face pay era, people can be paid without any equipment. For brush face pay, it comes from the accumulation of data over the Internet, computer leap in computing power and optimization of the algorithm. Brush face payment is based on face recognition. Face recognition research began in the late 1960 s and early '70 s, such as fingerprint recognition, palmprint recognition, iris recognition one of biometric technologies. So brush face pay what are the advantages? Zi pay time then simply introduced some for everybody! 1 and gathering more intuitive merchants can be customer's photo archive in the database, then the user's facial features by improving the algorithm comparing with photos. Compared with other fingerprints, iris recognition technology, it is more simple, users more easily accept for face recognition are improved according to the camera technology improvement, the improved algorithm can make the brush face verification completed in a very short period of time, make the user feel the technique is very efficient and convenient. At present, the brush face payment procedures simple, as long as consumers to bind mobile phone number on the brush equipment, can be brushed face to pay. 3, no foreign media the medium of mobile payment need to smart phones, and brush face pay pay medium is her face. Don't need to use tools such as mobile phones, less artificial operation, more simple and efficient. 4, for wisdom and retail experience brush face new equipment can realize sweep yards, brush a face, artificial, self-help four body, meet different people's consumption habits, bring new payment experience for users and merchants, improve user acceptance. 5, improve the efficiency of cashier convenience high brush brush face pays the equipment for a second face, 10 seconds to complete the shopping. It can solve the problem of shopping rush for us, meet expectations we no longer line up. 6, reduce business operating costs paid by brush face time, has realized the self-help, unmanned shopping, greatly reduces the labor costs. 7, from the bondage of mobile phones for medium zi pay time believe you most concerned about is run out of battery, the network is not good, unable to complete payment. Brush face pay can eliminate this concern, let's face it to quickly complete the payment. 8, boost business guest passenger flow, precise marketing brush face payment for merchants exclusive business solutions tailored to help businesses realize online mall, WeChat small procedures, functions such as card opened, increase customer stickiness, assist the merchant in marketing in an all-round way. The brush will face to pay was welcomed by merchants? Inevitable. Brush can now support face merchants paid less, and if we can face brush, so many consumers will try, and the word of mouth marketing to all sorts of activities more effectively attract consumers. Brush face pay, of course, also can really solve merchants artificial cost, saving space, etc.
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