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'Brush face payment' and 5G meet the development trend of Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-19
The large-scale use of face-brushing payment in China was the introduction of face recognition function by smart phone manufacturers in 2017. The promotion and application of face-brushing payment benefits from the complete hardware Foundation, Communication Foundation and data Foundation, as well as the increasing market awareness and trust. In China, third-party payment institutions such as Alipay have begun to apply face-brushing payment technology to life scenes. Behind the sudden emergence of face-brushing payment is the result of the combined effect of new artificial intelligence technologies such as domestic face recognition function and complete hardware Foundation, Communication Foundation and data Foundation. With the large-scale commercial use of 5G this year, 5G is bound to provide more application possibilities for it, making face-brushing payment more complete with collaborative innovation in different platforms, enterprises and scenarios. If 2019 is a year when face-brushing payment is booming, then 2020 must be a year when face-brushing payment is heading for a big outbreak. First of all, with the large-scale commercial use of 5G technology, under the blessing of new technologies such as AI, face-to-face payment will be more powerful. In particular, the application of face-brushing payment in the new retail field can not only become the fastest application scenario under 5G and AI catalysis, but also conform to the Internet of Things and big data, the development trend of artificial intelligence. Weng xindan, general manager of Alipay's network technology department, said at the Sohu Technology 5G summit that 2019 was the first year of 5G business, more convenient, rapid and interactive face-brushing payment has been piloted in various places. With the continuous advancement of technology,'Eat by face'The era of is coming soon. Statistics show that the face recognition market will maintain a growth rate of about 20% in the future. Secondly, with the further improvement of domestic people's face recognition technology and the acceleration of the construction of national standards, face-brushing payment is bound to be applied more and more widely. Data show that in August 2019, face recognition payment was written into the official planning of the central bank as a key development goal, which is enough to show its broad prospects and market potential. It is not difficult to see that the advantages of face-brushing payment determine that it can make a good supplement to the existing mobile payment methods. With the active promotion of various payment platforms, it will become the next phenomenon-level payment method.
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