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Brush face scan code intelligence full of beautiful things in the cash register, business how to choose a can like a duck to water!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-07
With the rapid development of Internet technology, the traditional cash register for single function, the system is not stable, low work efficiency has been unable to meet the needs of businesses. Now in the market is filled with various brands of intelligent checkout equipment, full of beautiful things in eyes, let a person dazzling, so the owner in the selection from which a few aspects to consider when you need? 1, configuration, buy a cash register's primary purpose is to solve the problem of low efficiency of traditional cashier and error-prone, so choose a high configuration, run quick smart cash register is very important. Such as the processing speed is superior to the single core duo, quad-core efficiency higher than that of dual-core, etc. 2 cajas, compatibility, intelligence is intelligence, in addition to the powerful, simple operation, a humanized design is to support remote upgrade, and equipped with rich external interface can access coffers, sweep the yard gun, printer, such as electronic accessories brush face scan code register. 3, after-sales service in addition to system function, choose to register even when considering the product after-sales service, can provide timely service. One thousand cash register appear problem, but the impact on the business is very big. 4, prices factors why say finally? Because only in such aspects as function, configuration, basic meet your requirements, can consider the price, accept ability within the scope of their choice. Look at the price considering, however, today's smart cash register is all-in-one commonly, but they are not the same: the definition of a have a printer, cashbox built into the cash register, reducing the purchase module; Of course, there are binding the integration of hardware and software. At present, there are a lot of convenience stores and small supermarket, even the supermarket introduced the self-help, smart cash register, to provide customers with without queuing, self-service checkout shortcut. ( Such as carrefour launched WeChat scan code to buy small program and pay treasure to self-service checkout equipment) Sometimes, just to the store to buy bottle of water but need to pay in line, so, self-help, smart cash register is the trend of The Times. But should according to the demand of different customers and gain more human artificial channels and self-service checkout, because, refused to accept the RMB is illegal, many supermarkets, before all use mobile payment receipts, attracted by the Ministry of Commerce and industry. Smart cash register operation is simple, is essentially a learning will, whether to buy a few things or more, are more convenient. After all the experience of touch screen, through the sales process, sweeps the goods one by one on the induction area code, the screen will appear goods name, quantity and price, finally choose to pay, you can choose WeChat or pay treasure payment code, payment receipts after the completion of automatic printing, the whole process very smooth, convenient shopping. Compared with the traditional cash register, intelligence gathering speed more cash register, especially can save the time of change, to print receipts. At present, the self-help cashier as a complement of traditional cashier, suitable for the self-help pay item or the circumstances of less goods, if buy more goods, or suggest customers to artificial settlement cashier area. Self-help, smart cash register use effect is good, the cashier services more efficient, and improve the customer's shopping experience. Self-help, smart cash register is a kind of service innovation, and also representing the future development direction of intelligent hardware retail industry. With declining demographic dividend in China in recent years, the labor cost is visible to the naked eye, in order to save costs, machine to replace human is no longer a science fiction movie scene. The cashier regardless of sales on the same day, to keep the number of one of the most basic, everyday 2000 passengers a day, need four or five cashiers, big traffic, to more people at any time. So, flow of staff is required to support the whole supermarket, if using automatic register, only need to arrange a few staff members in automatic cash register and guidance on the edge of the weighing machine, you can quickly solve the problem of human resources.
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