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Brush face to markets and usher in a new power: brush unionpay release face to pay the product - — The blue whale

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-08
The last day of October, China unionpay holdings closed single institution brush unionpay business launched a new face pay products & ndash; — The blue whale. At present, brush face pay market is mainly composed of alipay & other Dragonfly & throughout; And WeChat payment & other; The frog & throughout; Two new products to occupy the mainstream. Brush which face the release of new products, there is no doubt that sounded the horn of brush unionpay international race face the market. Disclose according to unionpay service number, & other; The blue whale & other; So-called & throughout; More secure, more, more open, more intelligent brush face pay & other; 。 According to introducing, this product & throughout; Strictly based on financial security standards throughout the &; To build. In terms of personal privacy, & other; The blue whale & throughout; Acquisition face feature need 100% for user authorization, facial information and personal identity information stored separately, and strictly control access, information security; Under capital security, users pay to brush a face, with live detection technique. Face recognition and enter the custom payment password after complete the transaction. At the same time, & throughout; The blue whale & other; There are also like alipay risk compensation mechanism. Achieved a higher, at the same time, the blue whale alignment besides brush unionpay face pay, also supports WeChat brush face of pay, and a variety of mainstream payment wallet code to pay. Whether sweeping code or brush a face, can be paid by the product operation, on the practical indeed beyond the brush face equipment on the market at present. This & other; The blue whale & throughout; Can meet face to pay polymerization WeChat necessarily got WeChat pay licensing. This means that the two giants in the brush face payment agreed on the league for the first time. Whether this signal means the future between the two will deepen cooperation, common struggles against pay treasure? There is no denying the fact that the current brush face pay hot still behind the public concerns about privacy. While the unionpay & other; The blue whale & throughout; Was born, is undoubtedly unionpay official power as an endorsement, main safer brush face payment options. In fact, brush unionpay to face payment plan for a long time, in early December 2018 in Beijing and Shanghai have been introduced in small brush face payment services; In the first half of this year were established in guangzhou, hangzhou, wuhan, ningbo, hefei, jiaxing, changsha pilot brush seven cities face. Through continuous attempts to explore, brush unionpay's face now pay products are finally fall to the ground. In the future, the brush face payment & other; Three kingdoms & throughout; What party rules? Worthy of we are looking forward to!
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