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Brush face to pay to meet the development of the 'prime time'

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-04
2019, pay treasure and WeChat payment successively into the bureau, in this year's world Internet conference, unionpay also officially join the war, launched its & other; Brush face pay & throughout; Products. “ From the experience, brush face pay are much beyond a friendly credit card payment, qr code, without payment further liberated the productive forces; In terms of security, face recognition technology applied in the field of payment, you can determine the user's identity, upgrade, combined with the multi-factor authentication improvement follow-up can greatly improve the payment security. So, in my opinion, brush face to pay the future full of hope! ” The conference a big point, the 2019 China face cover industry development report released for the industry. According to the report, in 2019, in pay treasure to pay double WeChat giant push, known as China faces to pay first, but in that year, the policy of the giant and the market is in a period, limited terminal design cycle and production capacity, according to statistics, 2019 face payment terminal market size to 15 trillion yuan. By 2022, from the terminal condition, market acceptance, policy and so on comprehensive evaluation, in 2022 China face payment terminal market scale is expected to reach 185 trillion yuan. Brush face payment has entered the development & other; The development of gold in & throughout; And a new era has arrived! Believe that soon will let you witness an industry change, take you appreciate the charm of science and technology!
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