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Brush pay prevailing face! Merchants pay to brush a face equipment problem here

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-04
Use communication father of Marshall McLuhan is a famous words, tool is an extension of the people. When people are becoming accustomed to mobile phones, mobile phone also unknowingly become a part of your body. On the basis of the technical conditions are ripe, the mobile phone into a wallet, become it's only follow. , than the NFC, almost do not involve hardware modification of qr code, significantly more less. So when the policy was opened, just a few short years time, the business was almost on the qr code leather lost wallet. At the same time, previously unrelated online business, also began to set up a little. Once closed two formats, as if the isolation between the two countries, once appear gap implementation, will continuously change. A new generation of consumers desire consistency of consumption experience, in 2017, the network shopping market scale has reached 7. 18 trillion, year-on-year growth of 32. 2%. Is a remarkable phenomenon, now online consumption is accepted by more and more people and become a habit. Application of this is to save those simple and repetitive work, can make these resources rational allocation to where it is needed. In the future, with the aging and decreases problem deepens, labor costs will become more and more high. For example, in the domestic, outside except the cashier, in order to close the door, in the absence of the register exports will inevitably also stood a mall security guard. When the mature technology application, it is about the average person can manage three intelligent checkout, redundant human saves don't say, because the future store cashier position choice may also become more intelligent, increases with the increasing buy knot, queuing maybe will get good solve difficult problems. Brush, in the end, face the market or an emerging market, whether the first incoming enterprises will rely on first-mover advantage occupy the market, by the successor or corner overtaking? In now, it is not clear. See a problem and return to nature, for the enterprise. BD merchant service provider can assist in WeChat alipay background to apply for special rate. Question 1: equipment advantage in where? A: brush brush face equipment on the market at present only support face and qr code, but all our equipment support payments, can brush a face, qr code, unionpay card. Question 2: what activate brush face of equipment are in need of business information, the entire process of active video? A: the basic information such as business license then make a list. The specific process and the company has a tutorial question 3: when merchants to receive money to account? A: brush face is directly connected, the second to, united are between T + 1 to the account. Question 4: business activated materials needed? Answer: 1. 2 business license business permits. Legal person id number 3. Door head picture 4. Bank card account 5. Pay treasure account question 5: consumers pay is a need to download the software? A: don't need it and in the business of consumption for the first time, brush face pay equipment manufacturer input binding WeChat or pay treasure to cell phone number. Can greatly reduce labor costs and costs down, can give consumers more benefits. So the brush face cover has a positive impact on businesses and consumers. After the introduction of brush face pay self-help cashier, a cashier can maintain three self-help cash register, cashier efficiency increased by 50%. Brush face pay how fire? Payment data tell you relieve queuing phenomenon brush face than sweep code quick payment many, users no longer need to take out a cellular phone to open the qr code or password, the process can't more than 15 seconds, and is a self-help operation.
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