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Brush WeChat frog pro 丨 WeChat members face system, intelligent marketing, brush the face namely member!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-08
Optimal door technology launched WeChat & other; Face to pay & throughout; Products, has realized the integration of business management information system of the peripheral brush face payment scheme, there is no doubt that in the aspect of improving the efficiency of the stores and customer service experience has made important progress. Optimal door technology in recent years has been hold the opportunity of the retail manufacturing industry adjust update, keep the brand update, the change of technology innovation, but a mindset of new active acceptance and system in a general nature environment is not very good condition, still rising steadily. “ Face recognition to pay & throughout; To bring stores not only to enhance the efficiency of sales, more or spend the change of the scene, mall to attract more young people, in order to improve the competitiveness of the market, make new retail more vibrant. A new generation of brush face equipment new generation WeChat frog Pro, independent special optical camera, scanner, 3 d structure brush face speed faster, more secure; Before and after the double screen, can be put in the interactive poster, increase the efficiency of the business marketing management. With excellent new retail system in-depth docking optimal households new retail system has deep docking with WeChat frog Pro, is the deepening of the retail products, landing WeChat wisdom in addition to supporting brush face pay, also support the brush member of face recognition, to complete the membership registration and consumption. Intelligent marketing through optimal households 'coupon marketing' function to make the system of new retail coupons can be put into the double screen of the frog Pro and businesses within the scope of the 3 km WeChat advertising circle of friends. Four union membership, through online traffic channel WeChat frog Pro docking optimal new retail system, implementation & other; Entity card + phone number card + WeChat card + face card & throughout; Four union membership system. Brush brush face recognition member users face complete member registration can be quickly brush automatic face recognition member information consumption, the system Settings member discount and promotion, member experience is better. The collection to support a family members to open brush card prepaid phone, family face common use family the collection mode, the whole family, old and young by brush face can easily use the membership card. Online synchronous data through online membership system, members integral, stored value, rights and interests of online synchronous, help businesses achieve new retail model of online guide to each other. Plug and play, in-depth docking optimal system equipment and with the help of frogs WeChat flow entrance, easy to convert WeChat users into businesses own members, through optimal new retail system, efficient operation and store business management for members.
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