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C1562C1A series Android cash register scale is ptksai technology for fruit shop

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-15
The C1562C1A series cash register scale is a new generation of commercial weighing apparatus carefully designed by ptksai technology for convenience stores, delicatessens, fruit shops, etc. It is an exclusive side-pull paper-changing printer with simple operation and improved efficiency. The self-developed remote management function of WEBSERVER saves maintenance and management costs, is convenient and fast, and manages and queries sales data anytime and anywhere. Model, digital display (S500M horizontal cash register scale; C1562C1A horizontal cash register scale with battery; C1562C1A vertical cash register scale; C1562C1A vertical cash register scale with battery)Chinese display (C1562C1A horizontal cash register scale; C1562C1A vertical cash register scale) The keys, discs, and mechanical keyboards are durable, and the replacement cost is far lower than the colorful key combination of the film keyboard. It is simple and clear, easy to print, and the printing speed is up to 100 mm/s, long life 2 fixed formats, 2 editable formats to choose from sales assistant name display multiple payment methods to choose from: cash, stored value card. . . Single product discount, total discount function support traceability code display communication mode cash box interface: can connect various standard models of Cash Box RS- 232 interface: Connect serial port equipment such as scanning gun and card reader Ethernet interface: Connect Computer for data processing USB interface (Optional) : Implement parameter configuration One-Click Backup and restore wireless WiFI (Optional) : Wireless transmission, convenient and efficient transmission scale software, BMS software independently developed for the domestic market, easy to operate. The scale transfer time is only a few tens of seconds. Main features: printing speed: 100 mm/s print head Life: 150 keyboard: 36 function keys, 39 shortcut keys preset function keys: 3 preset function keys M1, M2, M3, convenient and fast memory capacity: 8000 PLU drop-down menus, simple and clear, menu details can print menu keys for 2 seconds and directly enter the programming mode keyboard combination shortcut key * more than 999 PLU can be directly called. Through PLU code or name, you can search and call PLU goods Daily report, weekly report, monthly report, etc. report print password protection: you can set passwords for menu programming, sales assistants, etc. Remote management ptksai's self-developed Websever remote management function can use computers or any other mobile Internet device ( Smartphones, tablets. . . )Access electronic scales via IP address :-- Password protection: for different function modules, set password protection-- Technical support: remotely query and modify the main technical parameters on the electronic scale-- Sales information: query sales data and details by Category-- Information Management: sales management, remote modification of sales price
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