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Car beauty industry through the member management system, how to manage member

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-17
With the continuous development of social economy, people's living standard has been improved, now basically every family want to have a belongs to own private cars, which for most business car beauty industry business, it occupies a large part of the advantage in the market. Covered car beauty industry market is getting better and better, customers are also gradually increase, so, how can businesses make member management? In the guest member management system, for the auto salon gives the following management methods: 1, the member stored value activities businesses can in the guest member management system in the planning of stored value activity plan, set how much give how much charge a favourable activity, at the same time set member top-up amount and the proportion of the amount, for example, 100 - Can give 10% amount between 200 yuan, the guest member management system to achieve a variety of prepaid phone way, enables businesses to set up a variety of flexible rules, thus effectively control marketing costs. Member stored value activity is combined with the most customers love to take advantage of consumer psychology. Many customers want when shopping, can get more discount, but carry out the aim of this activity, which is able to let the customer enjoy preferential at the same time, also registered members can help businesses attract more customers, and, after membership card prepaid phone can lead them into the shop for many times, so as to achieve the aim of fast drained. 2, build customer file quickly. Merchants if only through consumption activities to attract customers, increase the store sales, not to participate in the activities of customers, also have no activity since the end of the data is analyzed, and the effect resulted from the campaign would not be too obvious. In the process of business activities, to real time record member of the relevant information in the system, such as name, age, gender, birthday, contact information, home address, hobbies, car brand, license plate number, etc. , is advantageous to the businessman late for membership maintenance, member of marketing management. In holidays or member's birthday, for example, members can give a gift with some advantage card coupons, members will be more willing to choose to store consumption, increase the rate of customer purchase. 3, implement WeChat appointment. , the guest member management system provides the function of WeChat booking. General car beauty shop to do a service project, it takes a long time, if the customer orders directly to stores, is likely to require customers waiting in line for a long time, and sometimes even customer just row number, merchants will be off work, not only waste the customer a lot of time and energy, bring bad experience, customers may also lose customers. WeChat booking function through the system, a client with focus on business WeChat public, WeChat booking can anytime, anywhere, to customers save a lot of time, can also help businesses retain more customers, increase the store profits.
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