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Cashier system android tag cloud print operation explanation! _ printing devices

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-18
The first chapter Outlines the android mobile phone system tag cloud side print is developed based on the android system label print APP, don't need to connect the computer, easy to define the label style, suitable for different industries, the operation is simple and convenient, it will, but automatic docking data, bluetooth, WIFI, etc. Convenient and quick, cloud print don't need to connect the computer, mobile phone can be printed, electricity can be used; Support multiple scenarios, custom tag templates, use support each scene, meet the personalized needs of different industries; Models of many, many years' accumulation of software and hardware technology, open cloud printing technology, benefit more partners; Technical support, technology docking, all the answers for you to solve any problems in the process of docking. Cloud data at the same time, simplify operation and high compatibility, combined with a fun way cashier system, receipts, labels can be printed, one machine amphibious, highly compatible. Chapter ii multiport show: the users must know cashier system tag cloud print new retail ecosystem business version support mobile end ( IOS, android) , PAD, etc. The third chapter system log in with your login application store/market search and download a tag cloud in print. After the download is complete, click enter, input account and password, you can login TAB assistant system.
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