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Cashier system of goods data processing

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-18
Is different from the store, for convenience, the ultra small to convenience stores, small shops, big to large chain supermarkets, shopping malls, selling goods can't be a single, whether quantity or variety, is very much a data, all by artificial to deal with the huge data, laborious to say, the accuracy of the data must also cannot be guaranteed, and the accuracy of the data is the precondition of shops to optimize operation direction, there is no accurate data as the foundation, is all talk. Is not only the static management of shops for dynamic circulation of commodities, such as sales, wholesale, replenish onr's stock, transfers and so on, if there is a software tool for data operation, not only will not make a mistake, for the accuracy of the data is much higher than manual operation. All product information be clear at a glance, you will also worry for the goods too much, too miscellaneous difficult to manage? In this regard, shimron is committed to become the good assistant of the data of the goods, all did some what? In stores, in the process of operation return exchange businesses don't want to see, but it is hard to avoid, so when the cashier system to supervise and control the return, while handling returns, in addition to help consumers return processing success, more important is to record return reason, fundamentally avoid similar returns to happen. Statistical analysis was carried out on the return data, analyze the return of the amount and kinds of commodity, quantity, from the source to reduce and control the happening of the return and the quantity, also be a way to enhance business turnover. According to the serial number of goods, name of commodity, category, quantity, sales amount and the average price to statistical commodity sales; Commodities sales rankings concludes that one of the most popular type, provide data basis for store management decision-making, targeted to carry out goods promotion activities!
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