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cashless in india: it\'s a \'good problem to have\' for pos terminal makers

by:PTKSAI     2019-11-07
In demonizing chaos, when most people start to fall into a cash crisis, ATMs dry up, and long winding queues become normal in front of all banks across the country, for those who make convenience, there is a glimmer of hope --of-sale (PoS)devices.
Prime Minister Modi announced that one of the goals of the move is to lead India to a cashless economy, and demand for pos terminals to handle credit card payments in retail locations has suddenly surged.
\"The liquidity crunch has forced businesses that have so far relied only on cash transactions to place orders for POS machines, while e-commerce
Business companies are shifting from cashon-delivery (CoD)to \'card-on-delivery. . .
As we speed up production, the employees of the factory have been working on shifts.
Bhaktha Keshavachar, chief technology officer of Bengaluru, said: \"shipments have also increased this week --
The Economic Times quoted Ezetap-based reports.
Mswipe, mobile pointof-sale (mPoS)
Solution providers, also registered a similar surge as merchants from all walks of life are looking for PoS terminals and cards
Brush the machine. \"Those (terminals)
Installed every day.
Normally we register about 10,000 merchants a month and now we plan to double it . . . . . . The surge in demand is a good question.
The staff is putting in extra time and we are making sure the terminal is delivered and activated.
Ultimately, it depends on the ability to distribute and process requests, \"said Manish Patel, founder of Mswipe.
The number of daily requests to POS machines has increased to 140-150 from 20-
30, and the card-
The credit card machine, just last week, according to the data of the Enterprise to the enterprise, this number has increased to 2,000 queries per day, while 100 queries (B2B)
Online market in India.
However, it is interesting to note that, according to Pine Labs, one of the largest credit card providers, adopting credit card payments is seen as an ongoing shift rather than a temporary trend
Brush machines in this country.
The surge of repeat customers, as well as the adoption and demand of new technologies such as voice
Close-based deals offered by fintech startups
It may be a long time to suggest this
Term trends, according to Pine Labs.
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