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Catering problems four high and one low with intelligent POS all-in-one shopkeeper does not have a h English

Catering problems four high and one low with intelligent POS all-in-one shopkeeper does not have a headache?

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-16
The catering industry is currently an industry with deep Internet penetration. Smart POS can be recognized by catering merchants in the catering industry and then promoted, just because it meets the payment and cash register needs of catering merchants? What functions will smart POS evolve in the future? What are the problems encountered by catering touch POS all-in-one catering merchants? When it comes to the problems encountered by catering merchants, everyone will think of four high and one low ( High rent price, high labor cost, high energy cost, high raw material cost and low profit level). Four high and one low is indeed a problem encountered by catering merchants, and it is also a problem faced by the entire catering industry. In addition, the catering business has not encountered other problems? Such as passenger flow, turnover rate, such as member management, marketing promotion, etc. Although the internet has transformed the catering industry to a deep extent, the catering industry is a traditional industry with deep qualifications. There are still many problems to be solved in order to complete its internet transformation. The current situation of intelligent POS industry the rise of intelligent POS machine intelligent POS industry began in 2015. Many enterprises saw the industry prospect of this market and entered one after another. By 2016, the intelligent POS industry has started a prairie fire. 2016 will be the first year of intelligent POS. At present, there are many intelligent POS products on the market, and their functions are relatively single: most of them are centered on payment. However, in the catering industry where intelligent POS * is often used, intelligent POS with relatively simple functions can only meet the payment and cash register needs of catering merchants, and cannot meet various needs of catering merchants. Group purchase, preferential subsidies, reservations, takeaway. . . . . . In the early stage of the integration of catering and the Internet, the old era of catering O2O provided standardized catering services based on the public platform. And invincible home Japanese the Palm Bay intelligent POS bypass popularization platform of short board to create to service personalized for core of O2O new mode. WeChat marketing payment, strengthening brand recognition invincible home, is a famous Japanese restaurant with Japanese ramen as its theme operated by Sanhe Food and Beverage Management Co. , Ltd, promote a healthy, long-lived and happy food culture in Japan and other countries. Invincible Ramen and Zhangbei smart POS joined hands to carry out scratch card coupons and new member discounts in 8 stores such as Sanlitun store, Yansha store and colorful city store, as well as creating a variety of marketing activities such as smart payment experience with WeChat payment as the core. During the surge in passenger flow, the clerk used the simple and easy-to-use collection method of Zhangbei intelligent POS to complete a transaction in only 5 seconds, greatly reducing the customer's queuing time and improving the customer payment experience; At the same time, the prize coupons obtained by customers with WeChat scratch cards are distributed and written off through palm shells, which is not only interesting in form and convenient to write off, but also plays a great role in driving passenger flow. Coupled with the development of invincible health, delicious ramen and other dishes, invincible brand is more and more familiar and popular with consumers, and business is naturally booming. Using ptksai intelligent POS can meet the following requirements of merchants: 1. On-site ordering, cash register and other services are completed for customers without going back and forth between the cash register and the dining table, which can greatly shorten the service time and improve the turnover rate of the restaurant, that means improving the efficiency of the restaurant. 2. Ptksai intelligent POS expands the service radius of waiters and improves service efficiency. The waiter equipped with Palm intelligent POS is several times more efficient than an ordinary waiter, which can help the restaurant reduce labor costs. 3. Using ptksai intelligent POS to order cash registers for customers can also improve customers' dining experience, attract more passengers and increase turnover. In addition, ptksai intelligent POS's own catering management system is perfect. All data on POS will be presented in the management system for big data analysis, thus helping businesses make many decisions such as operation and marketing.
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