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Our story began in 1991 of a golden age full of passion and dreams. PTKSAI Core members, including the founders and partners are here to meet. A common idea of providing the best hardware solutions for thousands of retail shopkeepers and software companies summoned us to get together. During past brilliant years that we are China's No.1 manufacturer producing LCD monitors, all in one pc and POS terminal, a modern factory and office building highlight our great strength and achievements in the professional field. We have also suffered painful setbacks, but our core team has never given up. A faith in hard work, sincere service, and strive to pass the most cutting-edge technology to the customer via the most feasible hardware solution encourages us to move forward. Our legend never die. This is a story about ambition, persistence and innovation.

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Executive Management

The first group of core partners create our brand and lay the foundation.

Cruise Jiang

Founder and CEO

Mandy Ma

Founder and CFO

Karl Lau

Senior Vice President of Strategic Development

Marketing Strategy

Thanks for their work to build the brand image of a leader in the POS industry.

Alex Song

 Vice President of Marketing and Branding

Andy Lau

Branding Strategist

Jessie Zhang

Social Media Strategist

Overseas Sales

The best IT hardware sales team allows global customers to enjoy our services.

John Zhou

Sales Manager

Helen Huang

Customer Support Manager

Mike Ayer

Business Development Manager

Research and Development

We Inject momentum into the development and innovation of PTKSAI.

Ziping Jiang

Chief Technical Officer

Emily Yun

Director of Technical Resources

Tina Wong

Project Manager

Production and Quality Control

Every screw and every drop of sweat were poured our affection for customers.

Charles Shieh

Production Manager

Ryan Van

Facilities Supervisor

Yorik Min

Senior Technical Consultant

Welcome to Join Us!

Problem solvers, creative thinkers and those who aspire to greatness. We built this brand to put your talents to use. Join us to reach your full potential. Welcome the industry elites & ambitious youth to our family, achieve win-win results and create miracles together!

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