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Chain supermarket managementDetailed introduction of supermarket chain system-Youhu technology-PTKSA English

[Chain supermarket management]Detailed introduction of supermarket chain system--Youhu technology

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-20
For merchants, a chain supermarket system with good use, complete functions and simple operation is essential. The necessary supermarket chain system can complete the front desk cashier function-- Batch warehousing, data import, export, sales data statistics, etc; Of course, according to the characteristics of different functional supermarket chain systems, classified management, seasonal clearance, processing price, promotion and discount, etc. , these functions also need to be available, the construction of member points, it is also very important for the long-term development of the store. Shenzhen excellent household management system cashier introduction: 1. All the management systems of Shenzhen youhu Technology Co. , Ltd. have the same POS machine operation. They support manual search of commodity codes and direct scanning of commodity bar codes by scanning guns. They can also enter the abbreviation of commodities, and the commodity number can call up the commodity information. 2. When retail cash registers, in order not to appear' Customer goods have clothed in hand to check out an arcane but told inventory not enough can't check out' , Also in order to zero inventory of goods can not be sold, please check in the system settings'Not enough inventory is not allowed to sell'Options. 3. The supermarket chain system can choose full screen display in the settings, can choose whether to touch screen display, can choose according to the current business type. 4. Youhu cloud POS cashier management system supports custom payment methods for retail and wholesale sales, with flexible choices of various payment methods. Retail or wholesale sales payment can also choose whether to'Enjoy the discount' After selection, you can enjoy both membership price and discount price when you choose a custom payment method. 5. Log in to the superior household management system, enter the front desk cashier desktop, and select the menu item as the retail cashier operation to start the cashier. 6. The merchant can set a single item discount, and the cashier can discount the single item before settlement. At this time, the single item discount is only effective for the discounted goods. If the discounted goods are not allowed, if you participate in the discount promotion, you will enjoy the discount promotion price at the front desk. The discount is allowed to be enjoyed at the same time as the discount promotion price, which is a discount. 7. Stored value card payment: the use of stored value cards to pay for members, members can pay by providing membership card number or mobile phone number and other information at the front desk. 8. Shopping voucher payment: Consumers can use the shopping voucher within the validity period to pay at the front desk. The shopping voucher is a shopping voucher issued by the offline store or the head office, for example, full reduction coupons, promotional coupons, deduction coupons, gift coupons, membership card coupons, etc. 9. WeChat payment: consumers take out their mobile phone Wechat and open it. 'Wallet', Open'Payment' Page, the cashier takes the handheld scanner to scan the consumer's payment QR code or directly enter the barcode number to pay the corresponding WeChat amount. 10. WeChat card voucher payment: only for online and offline integrated stores, the store has sent WeChat Mall'Coupon'Or consumers have bought'Voucher'To use this payment method. 11. Wallet payment: only members can enjoy wallet payment. The cashier enters the membership card number and the wallet payment amount to support the member to pay with the coin purse. 12. Point payment: the cashier enters the membership card number and automatically prompts the payment amount to be paid after entering the amount of point payment, which can be paid successfully when the member's points are enough to pay this order. 13. Front desk cashier flow report: query all cashier flow details report within the date. 14. Cashier can choose cashier shift operation when handing over. In the reconciliation link, you can select cashier reconciliation to check all retail bills and collection information.
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