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: children's chain store cashier management software which can provide security

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-15
To: children's industry, for example, many of its industry chain management software on the market, actually some function is not perfect, some can only be simple to be a cashier, does not have employee commissions, luggage, precision marketing, and other functions, some cashier fast enough, stability, can appear more some card machine problem, it can't call it the perfect chain cashier management system, not to mention how should if is a chain store! So: children's chain store cashier software can give us what kind of security? A cashier perfect chain management software is not only to have cut function members and employees, with the development of the society and the increasingly fierce competition, the software also can provide promotion, data analysis and so on are helpful to improve business performance function, the following will look at specific security together. 1, the code of cashier. Software way of cashier, provide alipay, WeChat payments, membership CARDS, cash, bank CARDS, such as cashier way, only need a gun or a sweeping yard box, you can use pay treasure, WeChat mainstream mobile payment of payment, payment for members to face to face. 2, data report and data statistics. Through software can check my shop any time statistics and transaction data, sales subsidiary and commodity sales ranking, etc. , all kinds of statistics report. 3, member management. Cashier system through WeChat member and the real card, used to store values, preferential, consumption, etc. , make it easier, the marketing of VIP and integral function, increase customer stickiness. 4, reservation management. Everyone knows that a booking is very convenient for the customer, to store enjoy stores without waiting for service; While for merchants, can according to the customers booking situation, reasonable arrangement of the store staff, improve operating efficiency. 5, precision marketing. A set of online depth fusion, specifically for the chain store cashier management software industry users. From three aspects as merchants, marketing staff and members, using online sales channel member consumption data, through data analysis, precision marketing members, and transformation. At the same time as a merchant internal marketing staff management platform, to help businesses improve marketer of fine management level, improve the efficiency. 6, ali cloud + local data save double protection. Ali cloud server software using industry leading, automatic synchronization backup, ensure that customer data security and stability. Local data preservation system of guarantee the customer in the case of broken network, still call the local data are available, and normal scan code collection, collection as usual for operation, the normal operation of the shop. Once the recovery network, the data will be automatically synchronized to the cloud. Choose this software, can be unified collection channels, automatic recording documents, make each stores every business running water, clear the bill bolt, check pressure easily.
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