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China POS network and ptksai join hands with intelligent hardware

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-16
At present, with the rapid development of China's economy, the modern industry is also showing a trend of rapid development, especially the development of the tertiary industry is more prominent. POS machine, as an important and irreplaceable terminal transaction server in the tertiary industry *, has developed by leaps and bounds, making the POS machine market present a Red Sea and the competition among enterprises is particularly fierce. At this time, for POS machine-related enterprises, seize all opportunities to communicate and understand with other well-known enterprises and consumers, and seize all platforms that can promote their own products and brands, in order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the domestic and foreign markets, it will be the key for enterprises to stand out from many competitors and further seize the market. China POS machine network, as the authoritative media in China's POS machine industry, organizes China International and China (Hereinafter referred to) It happens to be such an effective platform to help enterprises display products and enhance brand influence, thus enhancing their core competitiveness. The China International POS machine exhibition has been successfully held for five times and is quite influential. It is a professional exhibition with strong professionalism, level *, wide coverage of exhibits and far-reaching influence. In all previous China international POS machine exhibitions, many domestic leading enterprises have brought * products and technologies to attend the exhibitions, including POS machine manufacturers, POS machine software vendors, and enterprises that produce products around POS machines ( Such as the production of small ticket printers, scanning guns, electronic scales, etc) There are also third-party acquiring companies, etc. For example, at the 5th China international POS machine exhibition in 2016, it attracted such: wu Feng, Yingjia, Tianbo, top, Baocai, Donglian, shangtong electronics, xinglianxin, queuing network, Ke Ruyun, Nanjing Shangchao and other dozens of well-known brands appeared at the exhibition, at the same time, many foreign enterprises came to participate in the exhibition or visit, and hundreds of corporate CEOs came to cheer, making the exhibition a star-studded and colorful stage! It is reported that in May 25, 2017- On the 27th, China International POS machine exhibition will be held in Guangzhou Pazhou Convention and Exhibition Center area a 2. Pavilion 2 ushered in its 6th grand gathering, and dozens of well-known domestic enterprises have signed up for the exhibition. Compared with previous exhibitions, the gathering of leading enterprises will still become a highlight of the exhibition. At the same time, the 2017 China International POS machine exhibition will continue to display a full range of products, including not only hardware products but also software products, the products cover the current * application technologies and products such as commercial cash registers, weighing scales, peripheral consumables, credit card equipment, smart cards, printing equipment, display equipment, management systems, etc, to meet industry from all walks of audience demand. In addition, the 2017 China International POS machine exhibition will continue to hold rich and colorful exhibition activities such as the award ceremony for the top ten influential brands in China's POS machines and related industries, and the corporate president Forum, discuss the development trend and concept of the industry with the top people in the industry, so as to promote the prosperity and development of the industry. The exhibition will also continue to be exhibited in seven exhibition halls in cooperation with Guangzhou catering exhibition, Guangzhou baking exhibition and Guangzhou franchise exhibition to attract more exhibitors and buyers and improve the exhibition effect. At that time, the exhibition lineup and purchasing lineup will reach a new high, with audiences covering catering, retail, logistics, hotels, electronic manufacturing, intelligent transportation and other fields, this expo will also become a beautiful scenery. Of course, Guangzhou, as the venue of the exhibition, will also bring unique advantages to the exhibition. Guangzhou is a gathering place for many high-tech enterprises. It is a city that spreads the technology of various high-tech enterprises every year. It will undoubtedly bring more opportunities to the enterprises and customers participating in the exhibition, it is convenient for everyone to get a close understanding of the industry * development trend, * time and face-to-face communication with the majority of software and hardware manufacturers, and then find suitable partners to achieve win-win!
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