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China POS network marketing director Mr Chen wei invited 2019 intelligent hardware peak BBS

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-15
On December 28th, sponsored by the guangdong sky wave information technology co. , LTD. , & other; Throughout 2019 peak BBS intelligent hardware &; Venus was held at the royal hotel in guangdong foshan, peak BBS to & other; Smart business drivers throughout scene & wisdom; As the theme, power intelligent hardware enterprises seize the pulse of The Times development, and in a rapidly changing market environment to understand the development direction of intelligent industry, thanks to new technology to meet the next tuyere. As authoritative media - POS industry - China pos network marketing director Mr Chen wei to be invited to attend the intelligent hardware peak BBS, together with all the attending guests stand in the forefront of the industry, to listen to the most valuable to share, to meet better 2020 years! Nearly 500 industry delegates from all over the country gathered to listen sky-wave chairman Mr He Zhi inscription with 'intelligent business change life' as the theme's excellent speech. He Zhi inscription multi-angle, graphic presentation first shocked the applause, the scene atmosphere bright and warm. Another American qualcomm, rainbow soft science and technology, tesla union, red core micro and ali cloud representatives also successively, and the 5 g + new retail and visual AI fu industry, AIOT era under the urban operating system, intelligent application hardware scheme, the infinite horizon, cloud computing era video solutions, several topics for the wonderful speech, every representative speech dry, full present guests have said harvest quite a lot. Easy afternoon sky wave invited SIMCOM, guest, move things in the league, the emerging science and technology, more and silver boxes, and other enterprises respectively from the 5 g Internet of things ', the new retail wisdom, the intelligent terminal how to better solve the problem of industry, the public security law enforcement standardization of intelligent application, convenience store smart business operating system, 'a new generation of the wisdom of the dining floor plan of speech. Site forum guests not only a deeper understanding of the industry, but also to the future of intelligent business gradually clear, the presence of everyone had different degrees of harvest. Through the years, the passionate speech, small make up was found that the sound development of the industry insiders silently cultivation and constantly giving is inseparable; Dry, full fascinating is the best interpretation of the BBS. At four o 'clock in the afternoon, sky-wave intelligent hardware division general manager Mr Lin's bearing also the blockbuster released three versions, respectively is sky wave intelligent AI cash register C1, double screen brush face pay cash register TPS680C and sky-wave dragonfly C4. Sky wave to the person first, with great concentration r&d industry spirit won the on-site guests praise, and its release & other; AI cash register & throughout; With its advanced design idea and fashionable appearance, won the high recognition of the present guests. Smart hardware peak BBS sky-wave also issued & other; Throughout 2019 commercial intelligence innovation enterprise award &; And 2019 commercial intelligence for best cooperation brand. Prize, in giving the enterprise achievement must also inspire their persistent efforts, jointly promoting the healthy, sustainable and stable development of the industry. The award after the sky-wave fete all industry representatives and invite them to visit the company, and 2019 intelligent hardware peak BBS is satisfactory. Through the intelligent hardware peak BBS, we not only to clear the current the personage inside course of study to the expectations of the industry, at the same time also see the industry's top companies the layout of the market and thinking about the future. Innovation driven wisdom scenario, imagining the future development blueprint. Under the joint efforts of the future, companies in the industry, trust industry enterprises to grasp the new opportunities, to achieve quality development.
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