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Choose a good desktop visitor supplier

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-21
Desktop visitor planes are mainly managed for incoming and outgoing personnel. It can effectively identify the true and false of the second-generation ID card, register the detailed information of the visit, and take photos, etc. , to achieve real-time online communication within the LAN, and can be visited after approval. It can also be linked with other equipment to restrict visitors from all activities except visiting areas. Effectively protect people's lives and property. Performance of desktop visitor system: 1. The software development of this system adopts the object-oriented programming language MicrosoftVisualStudioC #. Net2008 development, the background uses SQL2005 database. The interface of the software is beautiful and elegant, the software runs stably and is easy to operate. 2. The card reading conforms to GA450 and 1GA450 standards. 3. Conform to SSO14443 standard for contactless IC cards. 4. It has the functions of first-generation card scanning and second-generation identity card reading, and can store identity card visual reading information. The error message is automatically prompted and recognized as a text file. 5, camera contrast function: 120 frames/second HD 5 million pixel camera, after the camera to compare the valid documents to break the authenticity. The access management of visitors in the community adopts a paperless way to manage the information of foreign visitors, and at the same time, it is necessary to ensure the humanization of visitor management. A desktop visitor can be set up at the pedestrian entrance of the community. The main interface displays the general plan of the community, moves and zooms on the touch screen, and provides text and voice operation reminders to help visitors quickly locate the specific location of the residents interviewed. The desktop visitor plane located at the entrance and exit of the park can establish an intercom with the residents through the house number information. The residents can clearly see the images of the visitors at the terminal of the indoor unit, the system links the video equipment on the desktop visitor to capture the visitor image for storage. When the resident confirms that the visitor is allowed to enter and presses the confirmation key, the desktop visitor plane will automatically spit out the temporary card, and the system will automatically authorize the temporary card according to the resident room number, visitors can hold the temporary card to reach the floor where the residents are located through the relevant passage, unit door and unit inner control elevator, and other unauthorized passages are not allowed. After the visitor picks up the card, the screen automatically plans the route from the place to the interviewed residents to facilitate the visitor to find the residence of the interviewed residents. When the visitor leaves the community, insert the legal temporary card into the personnel channel gate card collector or the security personnel to manually recover and swipe the card, and the personnel channel gate will be released, the system is installed in a remote video device to capture visitor images and store them. Security management of intelligent visitor management system has become a top priority for government agencies at all levels, enterprises and institutions. In particular, the rapid development and integration of social economy and the increasingly frequent mobility of various foreign personnel have increased potential safety hazards. To this end, an intelligent visitor registration management system has been specially developed to strengthen the orderly management of registration and prevent safety accidents. The research and development of the intelligent visitor management system can safely and reliably manage visitors, which can not only ensure the safety of each unit, but also improve the electronic visitor registration level and image of enterprises and institutions. How to choose the application of intelligent visitor management system mitigation personnel registration management project? The intelligent visitor management system is different from the traditional visitor system. Its principle is not only to ensure the safety of the building, but also to provide tenants and visitors with more comfortable and faster operation procedures through intelligent technology, give property and management personnel more efficient working ability. It not only covers the protection function of the traditional visitor system for visitors at the gate of the building, but also can set the permissions of different visitors in detail. After visitors pass through the gate of the building, he can still limit his actions inside the building and understand his real-time dynamics inside the building.
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