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Coming soon! Ant financial will meet you at China

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-03
In 2019, informatization and digitalization have become the inevitable trend of business transformation, and face payment is entering into various life scenarios. At the moment of change, to adapt to the development of the times and change the business model are the changes brought about by new technology, and also the inevitable choice of POS machine enterprises. To help POS machine enterprises follow the trend of digital development and create opportunities for the cooperation between POS machine enterprises and e-commerce. On December 19-20, POS machine enterprises were hosted by China POS machine network The third China POS industry annual meeting in 2019 will be held in Holiday Inn Yilin, Guangzhou. This year, China POS network will invite Alipay ant financial services will participate in the POS industry annual meeting. They will start with the theme of 'how to build a new digital operation position for businesses' This article introduces the cooperation process and mode of Alipay brush payment, and makes a thorough and thorough discussion with the POS enterprises who come to attend the conference. As we all know, brush Since the appearance of face payment, it has quickly occupied the whole market and attracted the attention of countless businesses. Data show that face painting in 2019 The number of payment users will reach 118 million. By 2022, the number of users using this technology is likely to exceed 760 million. In the near future, code scanning Payment may be replaced by face painting payment and become the payment method used by more people. Welcome change and be brave in innovation. With the era of face painting payment The arrival of POS industry enterprises have also launched face painting payment self-service equipment. The self-service equipment of brush face payment is convenient, fast and practical Point is quickly favored by merchants and customers. However, some POS enterprises have limited access to information, and Alipay's cooperation process and mode. I don't know much about it, which makes it difficult for enterprises to adapt to the development of the times and change the business model. Therefore, in 2019, China's POS machine industry year It will build a communication and cooperation bridge for POS enterprises and Alipay. Rapid transformation is the pace of the development of the times, and constant is the middle The vision of China's POS network to help the development and growth of industry enterprises. Here, what Xiaobian wants to tell you is that if you just can't grasp it very well Android POS market dynamics, unable to win the face payment market quickly, is worried about the development of e-commerce era, so please do not hesitate Pick up your mobile phone and sign up, because there are a lot of elites here, which is unprecedented. We have solved all the problems for you Think about it. On December 19, we will wait for you at the annual meeting with ant financial!
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