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Convenience store cash collection system to help

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-29
Convenience stores usually have a small scale and are located in places with large traffic. The development of convenience stores is to expand the scale. The sustainable development of convenience stores mainly depends on commodity system, information system and shop service, except for the congenital conditions of brands and Exhibition stores. The cash collection system of Keyuan convenience stores can help convenience stores achieve chain operation, centralized purchase, unified purchase, unified price and unification Management and other functions, the system regularly takes the customer purchase rate as the basis, implements the last commodity elimination system, introduces fashionable commodities in the first time, ensures the turnover speed of commodities, and displays commodities to customers in a short time. Shenzhen jialetong Trading Co., Ltd. is a company specialized in market development, operation management, commodity information consultation, logistics and distribution services of chain convenience stores. Meanwhile, jialetong convenience store also takes convenience as its service concept and implements 24-hour continuous service. It is urgent to solve the management problems in the period of sustainable development through a complete set of solutions and establish a unified management Platform, in order to distribute in each community branch to achieve comprehensive control of the chain retail system. According to the 24-hour operation of jialetong convenience store, the products have the characteristics of particularity and service, and there are many stores, which need to support the management of sub regions, sub business districts, self-supporting stores and franchise stores. Keyvia provides a comprehensive chain convenience store solution & mdash; & mdash; keyvia convenience store cash management system. The functions include the following three aspects: 1. Chain store management provides branch group management function according to the management requirements, and improves the efficiency of communication between headquarters and branches by using electronic notice, etc.; helps headquarters analyze and control the daily operation of each branch in a timely manner through log information; report information can be used to compare the inventory and sales of branches at a glance in the headquarters Gross profit. 2. Inventory management function inventory management control is to master the lifeblood of distribution center operation, strengthen the dynamic management of inventory commodities through 'three zero' commodities (three zero commodities: Zero sales commodities, zero purchase commodities, zero inventory commodities); provide branch automatic replenishment application, support distribution center automatic distribution operation, support distribution center automatic ordering operation, etc.; support upper and lower limit replenishment, average A variety of replenishment models, such as sales replenishment and manual replenishment, are automatically analyzed and scientific recommended quantity is given; 3. The commodity supplier management function defines multiple indicators such as standard markup rate, standard gross profit rate, and standard item number for commodity classification to help commodity managers better implement category management based on data; it supports the definition of purchase price and order directly by large units, which can be managed One product with multiple businesses, one product with multiple codes, one product with multiple packaging units, different stores with different prices; whether or not the goods are operated can be allocated according to the branch, and the introduction and elimination of the goods can be managed according to the branch.
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