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Convenience store cash system: store must see,

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-22
With the development of the convenience store, the traditional convenience store is facing the transformation, which means that the cashier system needs to be replaced. In order to deal with the new retail era, it is very important to choose a good cash system, which can not only improve the operating efficiency, but also reduce the operating costs, and promote the management of stores. What kind of cash collection system a convenience store uses should be considered from the following aspects: first, businesses need to position themselves. You need to know exactly what kind of supermarket checkout system they need. At present, there are many cash register systems with different functions and prices in the market. A cheap cash register system may cost only a few hundred yuan, and an expensive cash register software will cost at least a few thousand yuan. It should be noted that the more expensive the cash system, the better. In order to find a more suitable cash register system, the cash register merchant must accurately locate its own store. Small supermarket products are much less than large-scale supermarkets, so it's better to buy a cash collection system that can meet the basic needs, while large-scale supermarkets have a higher demand for software functions, so it's recommended to choose a cash collection system with more functions. Photo source: secondly, the network, businesses need to know what functions they need to use to manage their own stores, such as commodity management, inventory management, purchase, sale and inventory, are basic functions, and member management, member marketing and other functions are also needed. In addition, the best choice for merchants is the supermarket cash collection system with mobile payment function, so as to meet different consumer needs. So as to realize the increase of income. Functions of the convenience store cash collection system: 1. Front desk cash collection: cash collection is one of the most important functions of the cash collection management system. In terms of cash collection, the cash collection system mainly considers two parts. The first part is the entry of goods. In the common supermarket cash collection, the code scanning gun or the code scanning equipment are generally used for scanning and entry; the second part is the payment, which is commonly used for mobile phone code scanning payment. In addition, the cash management system can also pay by membership card, stored value card, time card and other ways, which is convenient and fast, and is conducive to improving the shopping experience of customers. Picture source: network 2, commodity and sales module as a shop, commodity is the carrier of business, how to file commodity, unified management to form searchable data has become a basic work. Commodity wholesale, sales, combination, split and so on should form reports for unified management. 3. Through the establishment of membership system, the modules of member, wechat mall, promotion and advertisement can help merchants understand their customers better, help them find their accurate customer groups and transform them. Through the construction of the micro mall, we can further provide customers with convenient and high-quality services to avoid the embarrassment of being robbed by online stores. The promotion and advertising module directly displays the latest activities, special offers or new products to the targeted customers through direct selling. 4. The management of purchase, inventory and settlement module on commodity inventory is a very important work for convenience stores, supermarkets or clothing stores, etc. which commodities are overstocked, which commodities are about to expire or go out of season need to be disposed as soon as possible, which commodities are sold well, which commodities are short of inventory and need to be purchased are business opportunities that must be understood in detail In the process of using the cash register system, you can see these data clearly and help businesses improve the efficiency of store management.
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