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Convenience stores choose cash register benefits!

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-22
Convenience store, an indispensable store in today's society, is also the place with the highest shopping rate. We all know that the cash register of convenience store is different from the cash register of catering and supermarket, and the cash register of convenience store has a specific consumer group. Therefore, when choosing the cash register of brush face payment, convenience store needs to pay attention to the following problems: 1. Small space can sell more goods. The area of the convenience store can't compare with the supermarket, so we need to pay attention to space saving. It is better to choose a convenience store cash register with a smaller footprint to save space for the cash register. These saved space can put some chewing gum, tissue and other items in a conspicuous place of the cash register, so that customers can easily buy more things. For example, the latest WeChat and Alipay PF1011 brushes can be used to pay cash registers. The fuselage is very stylish and exquisite. It is very suitable for placing counters and other places. It does not occupy the location of the store, has its own keyboard, has the function of advertising and voice broadcasting, and can also give play to commodity information while receiving cash. 2. It should be convenient to input and fast to put goods on the shelves. Many products of convenience stores are updated every day, so they need to be entered every day. If you meet a clerk who is not familiar with the business, it will often affect the new speed of the goods. For example, for rice balls, pasta, and Guandong cooking, they also need to be checked by scanning the code. Therefore, the storage operation of the cash register in the convenience store should be convenient. It is better to enter the goods directly by scanning the code instead of entering the bar code manually. Pf1011 face scanning code cash register, optional configuration scanning code window, goods warehousing sales more convenient in place. 3. Support aggregate payment and improve customer experience. There are a lot of customers coming to the convenience store for shopping, and there are various ways of payment. Although the mobile payment methods such as code scanning payment and face swiping payment are very common now, most of the elderly or children use cash, bank card or even membership card, so the convenience store cash register is best to support multiple payment and collection methods. Pf1011 face swiping payment cash register can be equipped with face swiping, code swiping, UnionPay card and other payment and cash collection methods. 4. Free to set up promotions to sell unsalable products. For some unsalable or temporary goods, the store can launch promotional activities, such as & ldquo; one more than one yuan & rdquo;, and & ldquo; the second half price & rdquo;, which can stimulate consumers to buy, and can also reasonably handle special price goods to reduce losses. These preferential settings need to rely on the cash register for intelligent adjustment. It is not necessary to adjust the price manually every time, and it is more flexible to launch promotional activities. 5. Data analysis and timely adjustment of commodity management. Many shopkeepers say they sell a lot of things in a day, but when they settle at the end of the month, they find that they don't make much money, or even lose money. This may be that low margin goods sell more, while high margin goods sell less. As a convenience store owner, we need to adjust the operation in time according to the intelligent report generated by the cash register. The report of the cash register of the convenience store should be able to view the daily sales data, which products are sold fastest, which products have the most profits, inventory quantity, etc. The function of the self-service cash register is in line with the normal of modern people, that is, people can go out without wallets and use a mobile phone to pay for the bill. Bositer self-service cash register adopts embedded one / two-dimensional code scanner and convenient payment method to help businesses attract customer traffic. It is not only convenient for customers, but also for businesses. Among them, the mobile payment and member management of bositer self-service cash collection system are connected, customers become business members after wechat payment, and the system automatically brings customers into the member management system of physical stores. For example, consumers will automatically pay attention to the official account number of the business after payment is completed. Merchants can make consumers have a more in-depth understanding of the merchants and provide merchants with the opportunity to contact consumers again by means of regular promotional message push, card coupon (voucher, coupon) directional release, etc.
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