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Current situation of face painting payment in 2020

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-02
There are data proving that face brushing equipment is better than QR code, safer, higher technology and better than him. In three months, the growth rate of users using face brush payment in South China shop of 711 exceeded that of the year from cash to code scanning. It seems that the public is very willing to accept the new technology and will never be complacent again. The promotion speed of brush face payment is about four times faster than that of scan code payment. The main reason for the fast promotion is that users who have been paid Amway by QR code will be easier to accept face swiping payment. &'From cash to code scanning, it's very difficult for users to form habits. Many people are used to cash and feel that QR code is not safe. There are also many alarmist rumors that users lack a sense of security. &'Many businesses are passive in accepting new things. When there are more people waiting to use, the merchants will naturally install the face brush machine, just like the original QR code scanning, when it is pushed to a certain time, there will be a blowout. &For businesses and consumers, face painting is a win-win situation. With the promotion of Alipay and WeChat, brush payment has gradually become a fresh force in the mobile payment industry. To a great extent, face payment saves the human cost of merchants. The increasing labor cost of retail industry has become the biggest pain point that merchants need to solve. However, with the introduction of artificial intelligence face brushing equipment, one face brushing machine is equivalent to 1.5 cash counters and three cashiers a day. Brush face payment greatly saves the user's time cost. For example, when checking out at the ordinary cash register, users of 10 items need 56 seconds to complete the payment, while the face payment only needs 3 seconds. Dad Ma's vision is still ahead of his time. No one supermarket and no one hotel in Hangzhou are already online. I don't know if he has a good life in Africa. On the nth day of his resignation, I miss him. Brush face payment is also applicable to how to use the membership mechanism to activate the competition of old customers. In the face of this part of the demand, the traditional membership card has been difficult to meet the needs of merchants, while the AI face brushing members seize the new market dividend. In the industry of brush face payment, the payment institution is the supplier, and the demander is the merchant and the consumer. For Alipay and WeChat, there are various reasons to promote the iteration of the face code for the two-dimensional code, no matter for the sake of competition or future development.
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