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Customer cloud intelligent management system helps

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-25
With the in-depth mining and refining of business requirements, customer like cloud found that for b-end catering businesses, all core requirements will go to a unified end point, that is: cost reduction, efficiency improvement and revenue increase. For food enterprises, reducing the cost is icing on the cake, improving the efficiency is twice the result with half the effort, and increasing the income is a timely help. If we don't make these points clear, there will be problems with the starting point of the product. 1. Cost reduction means cost reduction. As far as catering people are concerned, the high cost of human resources, food materials and rent has always been a problem. In short, the cost of restaurants is too high in both 'people' and 'things'. &'People' refers to the recruitment, loss, training and management of talents. &'Material' mainly refers to the supply chain, which is closely related to the cost of food materials. In order to help businesses reduce costs, the customer cloud open platform connects the upstream and downstream resources of catering, helping catering businesses to easily acquire customers and manage stores efficiently. In terms of & ldquo; people & rdquo;, customer Ruyun knows that the catering industry is facing the phenomenon of difficult recruitment and management. Through the open platform service, it can effectively integrate the personnel management platform and help the catering, retail, beauty and other service industry businesses to quickly achieve one-stop management of recruitment, training, scheduling and salary payment. In addition, the open platform of customer cloud also connects with recruitment and training institutions, positions loyal practitioners in the industry, and ensures the stability of enterprise personnel. In terms of & ldquo; goods & rdquo;, the customer like cloud open platform optimizes information flow, logistics, business flow and capital flow. In terms of information flow, digital supply chain network and the application of ASN and GRN promote the information exchange among multiple terminals; in terms of logistics, improve the order fulfillment rate, improve the logistics network and optimize the internal and external storage. 2. The so-called efficiency improvement is to improve efficiency. After the cost reduction, what we can do is to improve efficiency. The efficiency can be divided into internal management efficiency and external business processing efficiency. Internal management generally refers to process approval and financial management; external business generally refers to customer management. Improving efficiency is actually another way to reduce costs. The same person, through the use of tools, can complete the original two days of work in one day, which is to reduce the cost by half. Specific to the catering industry: for the traditional restaurant, the former mode is that the dishes and drinks need to be operated by the restaurant waiter, and the dishes and drinks can be delivered to the dining table through the waiter's order, order and order, and then the consumer checks out at the cash register. The whole process is time-consuming and labor-consuming, not only slow in work efficiency, but also greatly weakened the customer's dining experience. The customer cloud intelligent cash collection system can help businesses greatly improve efficiency. Customer cloud has been deeply involved in the field of SaaS technology in catering industry for 7 years. It is committed to providing SaaS integrated solution of software and hardware for catering, retail, beauty industry and other service businesses, comprehensively integrating the whole process and multi-channel services from booking, queuing, ordering, cash collection, takeout, member management, etc., and perfectly helping merchants reduce costs and improve efficiency through simple and easy-to-use basic efficiency tools of customer cloud , efficient management and operation of stores. It is worth mentioning that in order to better help catering businesses achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and increase revenue, Ke Ruyun also jointly released the blue book of 2019 China's catering business parameters with the catering owner's internal participation, which analyzes the catering business's revenue parameters, cost parameters and profit parameters in detail, and gives specific countermeasures and some successful business cases for your reference. Interested diners can also purchase this book for reference. 3. Increase in revenue, that is, increase in revenue. This can refer to the actual visible increase in turnover or the increase in intangible assets, such as user sources. How to increase income? There are two most commonly used methods: one is to increase sales volume and increase turnover; the other is through capital operation, such as financing, strategic cooperation, resource sharing, etc. There is a way, but for many small and medium-sized enterprises, they are more lack of channels, and customers such as cloud can build channels for businesses. First of all, customer cloud has a special marketing business department, which can provide customized marketing programs for restaurants to expand customers and increase revenue. A typical example is that in order to help Uncle park's barbecue restaurant improve its local popularity and attract more consumers, after learning about the basic situation and brand positioning of the restaurant, the customer like cloud marketing business department proposed & ldquo; publicity and Drainage & rdquo;, & ldquo; reputation building & rdquo;, and & ldquo; member Marketing & rdquo; The three major plans are to establish the brand image of Uncle park's barbecue restaurant in a step-by-step way, to promote with the help of current hot spots, and to attract more young consumers with new and interesting marketing methods on the basis of brand setting. After adopting this plan, the attendance rate of Uncle park's barbecue restaurant increased by 2144%, and the monthly turnover exceeded 170000. Secondly, the customer cloud membership management system can help businesses to accumulate user data, analyze user purchase behavior, and activate the re purchase of old users. For example, the customer cloud membership management system will establish rich labels for businesses according to the consumption situation, which can provide them with dynamic customer portraits according to the labels, and provide solutions for each application layer based on the portraits. With customer portraits, businesses can carry out targeted marketing for specific groups of people.
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