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Customer cloud store management system helps stores

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-26
The main function of the software management system is to help the store to solve various problems encountered in daily operation, make the operation more convenient and professional, help the store to manage members and daily sales in a simple way, improve the performance of the store, promote the repeated consumption of members, analyze the operation data, find out the operation problems and propose solutions, increase Sales revenue. The customer cloud storefront software management system is committed to helping the door stores of national partners to continuously improve their performance and promote the annual package sales of various projects. Through the software, the stores can manage and operate at a lower cost, create lasting loyal customers and improve the sales revenue of the stores. The core competitiveness can be built through store management software and Internet plus thinking. Create a new customer shopping experience for the store, greatly improve customer loyalty, reduce customer churn, and thus improve product sales revenue. Aiming at the four core problems of less customers, high cost, non consumption, serious competition and high employee mobility, this paper gives specific solutions around customers, employees, management and assessment. Management software: the software can manage the store's cash, members, inventory, performance commission, finance, and has strong customer management and analysis functions. Through massive data analysis of store problems, stores can find out the problem nodes according to the charts, accurately grasp different customer groups, and provide targeted solutions to fundamentally change the current situation of the store. Mobile housekeeper: the software and mobile phone are connected to check the situation of the store anytime and anywhere, making it easier and convenient to manage the store.
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