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Customer like cloud has participated in chinashop

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-26
From November 7 to 9, the 21st China retail Expo (chinashop 2019) (hereinafter referred to as chinashop) was held in Qingdao World Expo City, Shandong Province. With a total exhibition area of 130000 square meters, over 60000 visitors, nearly 900 excellent catering enterprises attended the exhibition. As a leading enterprise in SaaS industry of catering and retail, Ke Ruyun was invited to participate in the exhibition, and for the first time after this year's new product press conference, a new generation of intelligent cash collection equipment was displayed at the exhibition. The 21st China retail Expo was held in Qingdao, 1chinashop, leading the new trend of the industry chinashop is a grand industry event jointly sponsored by China Chain Business Association (CCFA) and Beijing Zhihe Lianchuang Exhibition Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 1999, chinashop has been committed to showing the changes in the development of domestic retail industry and the upgrading of software and hardware systems of commercial equipment and it information technology, trying to promote the integration of Chinese retail industry with the internationalization. CHINAHOPE has become a 'weathervane' in the retail industry. After 20 years of development, CHINAHOPE has become a well deserved industry 'weathervane' and 'barometer'. It is recognized by domestic and foreign retail enterprises and enjoys a good reputation in the industry. This year chinashop opened 8 theme booths, including China high end retail brand exhibition, China retail cold chain exhibition, retail display props and commercial lighting exhibition, international intelligent information technology exhibition, international retail famous and excellent goods exhibition, retail fresh processing and commercial kitchen exhibition, intelligent logistics and supply chain information exhibition and store design and visual Marketing Exhibition. The last two theme booths It is newly added according to the current development trend of retail industry. Hi shop retail future model store & ldquo; 5g Technology & rdquo;, & ldquo; face payment & rdquo;, & ldquo; unmanned supermarket & rdquo;, & ldquo; AR Technology & rdquo; are the hot words in the recent retail industry. Chinashop has specially set up hi shop, a retail future model store, in the form of physical stores, which runs through the latest equipment and technical solutions, to show the upcoming 2-3 years The business model and technical products realized on the ground are available for exhibitors to visit and experience. 2 guest Ruyun was invited to participate in the exhibition, and two new products appeared strongly as leading enterprises in the SaaS industry of catering and retail. Guest Ruyun was invited to participate in the exhibition, bringing intelligent cash collection product onkiosk tower 2 and two new products Hongyun 2W, which were specially launched for the field of retail Fresh food, appeared strongly, arousing the strong attention of the visitors. With two new products, Ke Ruyun made a strong debut in chinasoponkiosk tower 2 and Hongyun 2W, which are the new products released by Ke Ruyun at the 'konnect 2019 open platform conference and 2019 new product conference' held on October 23. Among them, onkiosk tower 2 is an upgraded product based on the previous generation of the vertical self-service cash register integrated machine onkiosk tower. It supports self-service order and check-out, which can reduce the pressure of the store's queuing in peak hours. The product is mainly featured with 'lightweight' and the industry's popular 'brush face payment' function. Onkiosk tower 2 and onkiosk tower 2 are 50% lighter than the previous generation of products in terms of weight. In addition to the original vertical installation mode, table top placement and VESA standard wall mounted installation are also added. The three installation modes are more convenient for businesses to choose according to the store area and decoration design. In addition, the appearance of onkiosk tower 2 is more simple and fashionable. The pure white body with 21.5-inch HD large screen will become a beautiful scenery no matter where it is placed in the store. The onkiosk tower 2 is light and fashionable. It is worth mentioning that the onkiosk tower 2 has added the 'face payment' function, which not only reduces the pressure of point order cash collection, but also enables customers to experience the black technology and enhance the consumption experience in the consumption process. More importantly, the payment module of onKiosk Tower 2 has passed Alipay security authentication, which can effectively resist forgery attacks such as printing photos, digital photos, software simulated 3D faces, and ensure payment security. Visitors experience the payment function of onkiosk tower 2. Customers such as cloud specially set up an experience area on the booth for the visitors to try and operate on site. Many staff members provide professional help for the visitors and intended customers at any time on the site, and answer questions at any time. Many visitors came here to experience the 'brush face payment' function of the new product, and praised the accuracy, security and powerful advantages of the 'brush face payment' function. Hongyun 2W, born for retail, in addition to onkiosk tower 2, the fair price brand Hongyun 2W, which is specially launched for the field of retail fresh food, is also displayed in this exhibition. It combines intelligent cash register and electronic scale to meet the demand of weighing, pricing, cash collection and payment integration in retail fresh food industry. This product has aroused wide curiosity of visitors and gained many consultants. Hongyun 2W appeared on the exhibition site. In addition, intelligent cash register products with good sales reputation, such as customer onpos Mini 2, onpos Se and Hongyun, are still very popular. Many heads of retail enterprises go to customer Ruyun booth to inquire about cash register integration and product configuration and exchange contact information with staff for later communication. Visitors line up to consult the product function and experience targeted product development and function update to show the strength of customer like cloud. The high-quality after-sales service and powerful product function make customer like cloud products widely praised. Visitors visit the guest cloud booth this year is the seventh year of its establishment. In the future, guest cloud will always adhere to & L
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