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Customer such as cloud intelligent cash management

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-24
What is the cashier management system? What role does it play in the operation and management of stores? Which is the best cash management system? These are all the problems that meal enterprises often face in their operation. The cashier management system serves the daily management of the store, helps the scientific management of the store, and realizes cost reduction and efficiency improvement. 1. There are four pain points in the traditional cash management system. Scientific cash management system can help food enterprises to improve service quality, work efficiency, grasp consumer information, timely coordinate the handling of out of stock situation and help the boss to make business decisions. The traditional cash management system has four main pain points: first, the function does not match the demand; second, the software function lacks depth; third, the implementation and service operation are complex; fourth, the software manufacturers do not know enough about the food enterprises. 2. Customer cloud intelligent cash collection system helps reduce costs and improve efficiency customer cloud can provide merchants with efficiency improvement tools covering the whole process of catering consumption, such as ordering, cash collection, booking, queuing, takeout, statements, kitchen management, etc., breaking the data island, bringing lower cost, higher efficiency and more possibilities for the business development of various businesses. Through the combination of software and hardware with the cloud, customer like cloud realizes real-time data processing, real-time viewing of data reports, multi terminal synchronous operation, real-time and accurate data presentation of mobile owners, and supports asynchronous opening of orders, effectively avoiding the impact of temporary network fluctuations on businesses. Businesses choose to use cloud like software and hardware products, which can effectively help their own enterprises reduce costs, improve efficiency, and enhance consumer experience: for example, online ordering and queuing can significantly improve restaurant operation efficiency and turnover rate; online settlement of income and expenditure bills can accelerate capital turnover; combination of marketing and analysis tools can help accelerate the development of catering industry Level 2: supply chain seamlessly connects with suppliers, with precise cost control and elimination of waste. In addition, the customer like cloud intelligent cash collection system can seamlessly connect the mainstream takeout platforms such as hungry, meituan takeout, and realize automatic order receiving. Only one machine can be used to connect multiple take out platforms at the same time, so as to avoid the phenomenon of missing orders and wrong orders caused by busy service personnel during the peak period of ordering. In terms of hardware, customer cloud's product advantages are quite outstanding, including the newly launched onkiosk tower 2 vertical self-service cash register, on KDS 2 + KDS OS kitchen display system, on dashboard headquarters dashboard, onpos 2C intelligent cash register, onpos Mini 2C intelligent cash register, Hongyun 2 intelligent cash register, Hongyun 2W intelligent cash register (retail version), Hongyun 2F (including photography) There are 8 kinds of hardware products, including intelligent cash register, which have their own characteristics, greatly enriching the selection space of merchants. Ke Ruyun's hardware appearance process design has always maintained the position of the industry benchmark. The surface treatment with spraying process is more uniform and glossy. 4-5 very complex composite processes are used on the surface to ensure long-term luster no matter what kind of scene. In terms of quality control, customer like cloud has always been in accordance with the industry's very stringent standards. Customer like cloud's automatic control, from purchase, production to PVT DVT, is a high standard recognized by the industry. Never compromise on quality and materials. All quality control standards are pioneers in the industry in terms of delay environment, drop, vibration, impact, high temperature aging, key life, etc. 3. A good set of hardware of on OS 10 software system with more accurate functions must be matched with good software functions to maximize the benefits of the products or services provided. Since the launch of new products of customer cloud in 2015, the software system on OS has been updated and iterated for five versions. Last year, on OS 9 Released focuses on collectivization and mobility, and also makes some layout in industry expansion. The recently launched on OS 10 has been improved again on the basis of last year's system, which is the industry in-depth solution and private domain traffic solution. The reason why Ke Ruyun released the industry in-depth solution is that it found that there are many classifications of the current catering business types, different business types have different service forms, different business types have great differences in service details, and tea, Western food and hot pot have their own business characteristics. A so-called large and comprehensive system is faced with insufficient depth at the industry boundary, not professional enough to meet the refined use needs of current merchants. It is understood that at present, the so-called industry versions are gradually distributed among the friends and merchants in the market, but those versions usually aim at a certain business type and do some in-depth work in a certain part. But customer Ruyun thinks this is not enough, because in addition to the different interface of cash register, the demands of marketing, supply chain and data analysis are quite different in different industries. Only multi-dimensional depth can truly match the needs of the industry. Based on this, customer like cloud has done a lot of service reconstruction, launched PAAS platform, and then disassembled and combined based on PAAS, so as to provide the depth of local details to different formats. With the deepening of the middle platform, the front-end application can be disassembled and assembled at will, and a customized interface can be combined according to the different demands of formats to meet the different needs of marketing, supply chain and management details Ask. Up to now, Ke Ruyun has been deeply involved in SaaS technology for 7 years. It mainly provides SaaS integrated software and hardware solutions for catering, retail, beauty and other service businesses, covering various formats such as dinner, fast food, baking, convenience stores, tea, food city, etc., providing different solutions to meet the needs of customers
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