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Customers like cloud Hongyun 2F, 'dual screen

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-23
At present, the intelligent cash register supporting face swiping payment is being gradually arranged by large-scale supermarkets. But for 20 million small and medium-sized businesses in China, 80% of them still use traditional cash registers. Is it not as convenient as the traditional cash register? Obviously not. 1, convenient and fast, brush face payment has become a trend, I believe many people have already experienced the convenience of brush payment, only need to face our camera, the system will automatically identify our identity, and then complete the deduction through Alipay or WeChat. In the process of payment, we can complete the payment without taking out the mobile phone or even carrying it, which undoubtedly facilitates our life. Especially for those customers who often forget to take their mobile phone, take cash or turn off their mobile phone due to lack of power. For businesses, the practical value of face payment is higher, which can help businesses improve the efficiency of cash collection. It is believed that the merchants who often use scan code payment will encounter such troubles: during the peak period of dining, customers are scrambling to line up to check out, but some customers' mobile devices respond slowly, and the two-dimensional code payment page cannot be displayed, which directly affects the payment efficiency and inevitably brings bad consumption experience to customers. Moreover, the next time the same customer comes to the store for consumption, he has to scan the code again to pay, which is very troublesome. The cashier doesn't need to wait anxiously for the customer to open the code scanning page with the code scanning gun. He only needs to tell the customer to aim his face at the camera to complete the whole payment process, which takes less than 10 seconds. Of course, some consumers are reluctant to pay with face brush. They have such concerns: can they accurately identify themselves? What if the brush is stolen? Will it reveal privacy? In fact, there is no need to worry. First look at the accuracy. Brush face payment adopts multi factor cross validation. Through extracting 30000 key points of face, the facial contour and facial features are outlined with points, which are mutually verified to improve the recognition rate. Even a pair of identical twins can be easily distinguished, so in terms of accuracy, face painting is very reliable. Then talk about whether it will be stolen. In fact, you don't need to worry about it. The 3D structured light camera is used for face painting payment. Under the three-dimensional scanning, there is no hiding in the second dimension. Even if someone steals your photo, it's useless. Finally, let's talk about privacy. Some people worry that brushing their faces will reveal their portraits, but the problem doesn't seem to exist. After you brush your face, the features recognized by the machine will be multi encrypted and become a series of digital passwords. Even if the password is stolen by someone with ulterior motives, it can't restore your appearance according to the password. It's like a mirror that can only be broken, not restored. With the protection of the above technology, the error rate of face painting payment has been less than one in a million. Nowadays, more and more young people accept face painting payment. I believe that with the passage of time, brush face payment is bound to be as popular as the original QR code, and businesses will also enjoy a new round of dividends from brush face payment. 2. As a leading enterprise in the SaaS industry of catering and retail, Hongyun 2F and & ldquo; dual screen + camera & rdquo; super value model customer Ruyun have realized the important role of brush face payment in the convenience of merchants' cash collection and its broad application prospect, and started to develop an intelligent cash register supporting brush face payment early. Last month, at the & ldquo; konnect 2019 customer like cloud open platform conference and 2019 customer like cloud new product conference held by four seasons hotel in Beijing, the new red cloud 2F made its debut, and this black technology product fully supports face painting payment. &Red cloud 2F is a very cost-effective product. It is a rare & ldquo; dual screen + camera & rdquo; super value model in China. In addition to the basic functions of Hongyun 2, it is also equipped with a brush face payment module. It is equipped with a camera that can rotate 180 degrees. It can recognize the face information of customers from multiple perspectives, which is more accurate. In addition, the red cloud 2F uses the world's leading bioactivity recognition technology to accurately determine whether the collected faces are generated by photos, videos or software simulation. It can effectively avoid the identity theft situation caused by various face forgery and ensure payment security, and it has passed the Alipay security certification. Customers only need to aim at the cameras of Hongyun 2F, and Alipay will automatically deduct money from them. In today's business environment, competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Face painting payment enables businesses to embark on the ship of mobile Internet, and also provides businesses with unlimited possibilities. If you are also optimistic about the future of face payment, Hongyun 2F is definitely a good choice!
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