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definition of pos machine

by:PTKSAI     2019-11-05
In some industries, suppliers work entirely from purchase orders or detailed purchase contracts, but most businesses need to trade separately.
Depending on your industry, you may accept a random combination of cash, checks, cards, or these three.
One of the most basic needs for any sale
Business-oriented is a way to create and record sales, which is the use of POS machines.
The full meaning of POS is \"point of sale\", in other words, it is where your transaction is finalized.
There can be several different explanations for the term itself.
In the most narrow sense, this means that terminals located next to the cash register can handle credit and debit cards, as well as any gift cards you accept in your business.
More often than not, when you talk about POS machines, you think of the entire terminal, which has an informative screen and is able to handle each type of payment.
There\'s a lot of special-
POS devices can also be used, between simple card terminals and comprehensive, complete terminalsHole POS system.
Will your needs bring you? end or the low-
Finally, each POS machine needs to handle some of the same basic functions.
The original POS machine is a simple cashier.
By modern standards, it doesn\'t do much, but it does record every sale the cashier logs in.
Since then, as long as you know how much cash is available before the start of the day, you can know if any money is missing.
Your daily total shows whether your sales are increasing or decreasing, and you can calculate your average sales by counting the number of transactions.
If you know the dollar value of your starting inventory, you can also calculate backwards from your total sales to see if you are losing money due to inventory theft or unrecorded sales.
These are basic POS features and even the earliest cash registers make it easier to sellbased business.
The cash register becomes more powerful over time.
They can be programmed to add appropriate taxes to the sales price so you don\'t have to calculate it manually and they can also record the tax amount for accounting purposes.
They can provide a classification summary by product or product category, and finally-
As computers become cheaper and generally more convenient,
They were designed to interact with a computer-based background. end software.
This is the point where the traditional cash register becomes a point-of-
As we use the term today, the sales system.
The modern retail POS machine is far beyond the basic functions of the old POS machine.
The school\'s cash register, even if it looks like a cash register outside.
On the cash register of the ancestors, you need to enter the price of each product manually;
Now, however, the price has been advanced
Programmed into the system and read from the barcode scanner.
This greatly reduces the possibility of errors and improves the accuracy of sales reports.
POS terminals can be set up to track and record sales of your products and services in any way that makes sense to you, and often, this is directly related to your accounting software, so information is always at your fingertips.
The POS machine itself may still look like a cash register, with a cash register drawer underneath, a traditional keyboard layout and a built-in cash register
In a receipt printer that uses a roll of narrow paper to print its documents.
Some systems take a different approach by placing a small computer under the counter with cash in the drawer and using the computer
Style keyboard enter any data that is not from the barcode scanner.
Another type of POS machine uses the keyboard completely and uses the touch screen to input information.
The terminal style you use is not the most important.
All three types, as well as more professional niche terminals, are just the front end of the software that really operates your store.
Calling in sales is the most basic thing for POS machines, but you don\'t need a complex piece of equipment.
You can do this with a pen and receipt book if you need it, and there are many small operators who do the same.
The problem with manually tracking transactions is that now is the time
It limits the development of your company.
The modern computerized POS system is designed to simplify your access to all sales information for accounting and management purposes.
The ability to turn raw sales data into manageable data is the real price you pay.
Cash flow may be the life blood of an enterprise, but the information is bone and tendon, which is where a good POS system will shine.
It puts all the sales information directly into your accountant, or by exporting the data to your accounting system or-ideally -
Integrate directly into your accounting software.
The extra steps to eliminate data entry can allow you to report faster and bypass a point where errors may spread to your accountant.
All your sales data is at your fingertips every day, usually risingto-the-
The second foundation, so the management decisions you make are always based on reliable information.
Would you like to know which products or categories are best selling in each place or in each department?
Which shift, or which salesperson is responsible for the most mobile product?
How many customers take advantage of your recent coupon offer or products that you advertise only in a specific place?
Your POS system should tell you these things with minimal adjustments, or it should be able to tell you.
Another thing that the POS system will do for you, and it is also very important, is to provide you with the latest information on the inventory level.
The computer records your start inventory during this period and then monitors sales out and orders in, so the inventory displayed on the computer should be up to date at any given moment.
This is the so-called \"sustainable Inventory\", which is both a convenience and a major management tool.
If you have accurate, up-to-date inventory and reliable forecasts of sales in the coming weeks or months, you can only order the inventory you may need.
Just order what you need when you need it
You will see it described as ordering \"in time\"
Can be a real gamechanger.
Your cash resources are not tied up by too much inventory, you need less storage space, and you are unlikely to find yourself marked to get rid of outdated items.
Some POS systems can also help you manage your physical inventory.
They will track your purchases by category, physical location or any other criteria that you consider important.
It\'s time to count your physical inventory and then compare it to the computer\'s perpetual inventory, and your POS can tell you where you can see and how much you should have in any given section.
If your product is stored in a different location and a warehouse shows that the product is missing or misplaced more than other warehouses, this will tell you that there may be a security or theft problem in that particular location.
Even if it turns out to be simple carelessness, you can take action based on these useful information to make sure everyone follows the same procedure.
As important as accounting and inventory management, successful businesses are more important than bean counts.
How you interact with your customers, and what you know about them, can break your hopes for the long term --term growth.
Many POS systems will track the customer\'s purchase history over time, and you can start to understand who is your best customer and what new products may attract them.
Without the help of computers, it is sometimes easy to ignore the United Nations.
Flashy customers, they are stable customers, but they are not impressed enough, but they are often the backbone of your business.
POS system is not limited to traditional sales
They are also important in the hospitality industry, where they are used to deal with more complex scenarios.
In a restaurant, for example, the system has to keep track of the orders placed and print tickets for the kitchen staff to let them know what to prepare.
Complex systems can go a step further by printing separate tickets for each workstation in the kitchen so that each chef has a personal order list.
The system must also be able to keep track of tips, meals and various other special expenses, as well as the usual sales price and taxes.
The most capable restaurant POS system can also help retailers with inventory management.
In these cases, the recipes in the standard menu are entered into the computer in advance.
If your customer wants 213 orders for your signature garlic shrimp dish on a given night, the system can adjust your inventory level to show you how much your ingredient supply has decreased.
You always know when to re-order how much.
It\'s good to dream of having all these features, but in fact, not every business needs a complete
Scale POS systems, especially at the beginning.
You may be good to an old man.
Now, school cash registers, especially if spending on a gorgeous POS system will make you lack money on other important things like inventory and salary.
In this case all you really need is a card
Processing terminal.
Cash and checks are acceptable to anyone for payment, and these simple POS machines also allow you to choose your credit card, debit card and gift card.
In some cases, even complex POS systems make a pragmatic decision to use separate cards
Processing terminal.
If the feature is built into a monitor or keyboard, the only way to upgrade the feature is to replace the monitor or keyboard, which is often an expensive option.
When new technologies, such as chips, use separate terminals
Based on card or clickto-
The payment card is here. all you need to do is pay-
Replace or update the processing service of the terminal.
The mobile business even has a way to accept credit card payments, which can be very convenient if you are a craftsman or farmer\'s market supplier or if you run a taxi or delivery business.
For example, if you have a pizza restaurant, the company that provides your regular card-
The processing terminal may set you up with a battery-
Operate the mobile version for your delivery driver.
These people use mobile technology, SIM cards and mobile data so that you can accept payments wherever there is a cell phone signal.
You can even add a small card reader or \"dongle\" to your phone or tablet so you can use it as a simple POS device.
Many vendors offer card readers who accept payments through services such as Square and PayPal, as well as traditional service providers.
Fred Decker, as an insurance and mutual fund broker, knows the business foundation in person as retail store manager and chef/owner of his own restaurant.
He wrote hundreds.
Related articles for websites including Zacks. com, Chron. com, Vitamix.
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He was educated at the Memorial University of Newfoundland and the North Alberta Institute of Technology.
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