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Deke member management system, to keep 80% of

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-28
Merchants often spend a lot of energy in many links when they manage their stores, but the effect is very small. Sometimes, due to the lack of good tools, the operation of the store will be very passive and difficult. And a good member management system, often can help the store come back from the dead, to achieve twice the result with half the effort. Through the member management software, the shop can implement all kinds of member marketing, attract new customers to consume, prevent the loss of old customers, strengthen the competitiveness of the shop and improve the management ability of the shop. Here are a few simple scenarios to let you quickly understand the importance of membership system for the store. Scenario 1: regular customers of other stores often visit. 70% of the monthly sales are brought by regular customers. But your shop still relies on the natural flow to eat, the old customer almost does not have. Scenario 2: spend a lot of time on store inventory and statistics every day, but still can't find the problem of the store. Others shop through software analysis, purchase pieces are burst, their shop goods are often unsalable. Scene 3: as soon as someone else's shop has an activity, it's like a city. The cashier is too busy with the customer's stored value and consumption. The front of his shop is deserted and doesn't patronize the activity. Scenario 4: & hellip; & hellip; through the analysis of the above scenarios, it can be seen that the member management system has a great help for the store. It can not only manage members, but also do a good job in the statistics of various data in the store. On the basis of these, the concept of 'member marketing' has been realized in the system. Through the registration of members, customer retention and reuse of various service plans and SMS services can effectively carry out customer care, improve customer service satisfaction, and promote the communication between stores and customers; through the analysis of various statements, it is conducive to the analysis of market conditions and understanding of customer consumption habits, and then targeted sales adjustment, and rapid discovery of high-quality customers Customers and high-quality products: through coupons, promotional activities and small procedures, it can market new and old customers, realize the effect of old customer activation, new customer marketing, and online flow flowing to the offline & hellip; & hellip; compared with all kinds of member management systems on the market now, the German customer member system has the following advantages: the German customer system is an essential management tool for small and medium-sized physical stores, It is suitable for catering, supermarket, fresh food, 3C, retail, beauty and other industries. The system features complete functions, simple operation, professional and practical, adopts SaaS mode, Alibaba cloud backs up data, never loses security, and creates a real cloud management system. The system is compatible with windows, IOS, Android system, and supports PC, mobile phone, iPad and other hardware; it has powerful data analysis function, visual data report and intelligent analysis system, efficient, intuitive and comprehensive display data, which provides data reference for business operation decision-making. Combined with various payment methods, it can support cash, WeChat, Alipay, Apple Pay, bank card and combination payment. The marketing forms are various and the marketing rules can be customized to wake up sleeping members and carry out secondary marketing. Help merchants quickly build their own small program mall, master traffic independently, upload goods, and maintain the background easily. Merchants use friends circle and other means to promote, expand online sales capacity and create more performance for stores. Through the official account of WeChat, the electronic membership card is supported. Members know the balance, usage and coupons discount coupons information, which is convenient for two consumption, recharge, and enjoy business preferences. Merchants can get the money back. Only by doing all-round management can we make the shop profitable. In fact, management is not difficult. Instead of losing money, we should connect every link and have a set of professional management system closely combined with marketing activities (open a shop and manage the shop, just use German customers), so that the shop can really improve its profitability.
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