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Biometric POS Terminal
Model KS-D


You Find A TOP Biometric POS Terminal!

KS-D is a classic biometric POS terminal which equipped with a smart fingerprint reader(HID® DigitalPersona® 4500). It is designed to make all functions in one pos terminal including cashier attendance, order process and receipt printing. Windows or Android software runs smoothly on it and integrated options like thermal printer, dual touch screen, camera, scanner, msr, nfc, payment card reader, ibutton, nfc, wifi, 4g network expand the use of this biometric pos machine.

android biometric pos terminal
Model KS-V


Mobile Android Biometric POS Terminal 

KS-V is the lastest secure biometric pos terminal powered by Android 7.0 OS. It comes with a 5.5 inch FHD touch screen plus thermal printer and fingerprinter reader for safe login and payment. Powerful chipset ensures smooth operation of your software. With its inbuilt scanner and nfc card reader,  it could work as a pda. Passed the payment certificates as EMV, PCI, Paypass, customer could safely make payment by this mobile biometric pos machine.


The Best Biometric POS Provider? Yes!
Since 1991, PTKSAI was builtup to provide biometric POS device to global POS software companies, distributors and solution integrators.
Our founder, CEO Cruise, devote half of his life to developping biometric till and now we own 13 patents for 5 unique AIO biometric POS machines which is compatible with android or windows os. Over the past 30 years, PTKSAI‘s biometric pos factory supply 27K+ biometric device to 100+ customers from 18 countries.

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