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Development and application of face recognition hardware technology

by:PTKSAI     2020-01-10
The development and application of face recognition hardware technology and the development and application of face recognition technology have brought great convenience to our life. In the past, we needed various certificates to prove our identity. Now we only need to confirm our identity directly through face recognition, which is very fast and convenient. Imagine that you don't need to bring a card to the bank to withdraw money. You only need to brush your face to get the money. Is it very convenient? Of course, this is no longer a fantasy. It has been applied in many banks. Face recognition is a biological recognition technology based on human facial feature information. Use a camera or camera to collect images or video streams containing human faces, then automatically detect and track human faces in the images, and carry out a series of related technologies on the detected human faces, face recognition is also commonly called Portrait Recognition and face recognition. Face recognition technology is not a new word either. People have been studying face recognition since 1960s, in 1988, Galton published an article on the use of human faces for identity recognition in Nature magazine, analyzing human beings' own face recognition ability. In the late 1990s S, face recognition technology developed rapidly. Face recognition technology needs the support of various professional technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine recognition, machine learning, model theory, expert system, video image processing, etc. Although face recognition technology has made great progress, it is only after in-depth learning that face recognition technology is truly available. Before the machine learning technology, it is difficult to extract the appropriate characteristic value. Because people's faces will be affected by many factors, affecting the accuracy of face recognition. With the development and application of face recognition hardware technology, face recognition has made great progress now. According to relevant analysis reports, it is expected that the face recognition market will maintain a growth rate of about 20% from this year until 2022, the global face recognition market will reach 75. $9. 5 billion. It can be said that the next few years will be the key year for the maturity and popularization of face recognition technology. With the development and application of face recognition hardware technology, what fields will face recognition technology, which is in full swing, be mainly applied? First of all, in the field of public security, do you still remember how many times Zhang Xueyou's concert caught fugitives? It is not how alert the police are to be able to recognize fugitives in a sea of people, but the portrait recognition system set up at the entrance to the venue. When the fugitive passed the security checkpoint, the camera captured the facial information of the fugitive and carried out face recognition. Through database comparison, the identity of the fugitive was confirmed. The development and application of face recognition hardware technology, in addition to the field of public security, face recognition is also more used in the financial industry. At present, face-brushing cards, remote loans, self-opening accounts and face-brushing payments have begun to permeate our lives. At present, many banks have introduced face recognition systems into their own devices. When handling cards, face recognition technology can be used to compare the photos collected on site with the stored photos and ID card photos. After confirmation, only in this way can the services such as card opening, business change and password reset be carried out independently, which is more secure and efficient. At the same time, in the field of transportation, pedestrians have also entered the era of face brushing. Chinese-style crossing the road once became a joke. Many Chinese people did not look at the traffic lights when crossing the road. The situation that a group of people walked away was still not improved. This kind of bad habit of running a red light has always been difficult to control, but the development of face recognition technology has made us see a turning point. At present, some areas have begun to use face recognition technology to control pedestrians running red lights. When pedestrians running red lights, the automatic recognition capture system will capture the citizens running red lights, and upload the data to the big data investigation experiment center to verify the true identity and expose the illegal personnel on the electronic screen in real time. At the same time, people who have repeatedly run red lights will be recorded in the social credit reporting system. At the same time, the setting can also remind pedestrians running red lights by spraying water. Under this double pressure, it can effectively reduce the occurrence of red light running time and ensure smooth traffic and people's life safety. Face recognition technology has been developed and applied in many fields. As the technology matures, I believe it can be applied to more fields. Let everyone be more transparent, let suspects have nowhere to escape, let the world have no more trafficking, and let everyone live a safe life. Maybe it will take some time for this * to come, but the development of science and technology is a big trend, this * will definitely be realized.
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