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Development of security Civil market

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-31
The development status of the security Civil market has roughly gone through the following three stages up to now: * stage: 2012-2014. The early civil security products started with the basic security prevention and remote visual requirements at the beginning of *, and realized the video remote network viewing and browsing function, but most of them only realized the basic remote network monitoring, the threshold for entry is low, and a large number of manufacturers have entered the market during this time. The development of security civil market, Phase II: 2014-2016. With the continuous strengthening of video applications and the technical application on cloud computing and cloud platforms, products begin to pay attention to application experience and functions other than basic security, such as sharing, entertainment, Cloud value-added, etc, some manufacturers without technical and financial strength began to gradually withdraw from the market. The development of the security civil market, the third stage: from 2017. With the continuous improvement of the products of basic Cloud PAAS service manufacturers, the investment of civil security manufacturers in cloud technology has been reduced, and the development and integration of the entire cloud computing, big data, AI and Internet of Things technologies have been achieved, as a node of the Internet of Things and smart home, video applications have begun to emerge a new batch of civil security products. In addition, since 2017, the traditional low-cost civil security products have started to recover obviously. The main reason is that the overall security demand has started in the township level 5 and level 6 markets, this market takes cheap price, convenient use and meeting the basic security needs as its main selling points. Difficulties and problems in the development of the security civil market, when the essence of the Civil Security Market is part of the intelligent internet of things, then the problems and difficulties it encounters are actually the difficulties and difficulties in the future development of the internet of things. Mainly in the following aspects: 1. The Internet of Things is the integration of cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies. It requires the support and matching of various technical capabilities. Cameras are made from a single hardware product, it has been upgraded to a level of business data application, which is the competition for all the technical strength of civil security manufacturers in the future. Therefore, it can be said that the real competition in the civil security market is far from beginning. 2. Security products will not exist independently and will be integrated into various application scenarios to form interconnection and linkage with other products. How to formulate a unified standard interconnection and linkage agreement, whether the unified agreement is based on the front end or the cloud, it must be gradually improved through the continuous promotion of the entire market. Development of security Civil Market 3. The civil market is facing a large number of single-point users, and the Internet of Things is facing the integration of multiple products, and the application requirements cannot be fully customized and personalized, to apply various combinations of product scenarios to meet the consistent experience needs of a large user group, this will be a * challenge for product managers who are good at designing single-point product experience. 4. When users become more and more accustomed to the unified linkage and combination of products and scenes, the problem faced by manufacturers entering the market is how to add new products to meet the needs of users for more scenes, whether to continue to develop new products or seek cooperation is also a problem that many manufacturers entering the market will face. The development trend of the security civil market, the development and trend of the civil security market, products and technologies, the author mainly holds the following views: 1. The definition of the civil security market is not only for home users, but also for families, shops and small and micro enterprises. These three scenarios are individual-oriented application scenarios. Civil Security is an upgrade after traditional security integrates big data, cloud technology, artificial intelligence and other technologies. * Finally, it provides public cloud services to users through public cloud. Application scenarios are divided into basic applications, visual applications, and smart IoT applications by different requirements. However, they are all scenario applications supported by cloud platforms. In fact, they are IoT applications, as shown in Figure 1: Figure 1 2. The civil security market is actually the application of the internet of things, and the core of the Internet of Things is around things-People- The development trend of civil security products is to continuously form a relationship between new products and people, and to continuously launch cloud service products to form a continuous scene, and maintain interaction with people, as shown in figure 2. Figure 2 3. In fact, the technical trend of civil security products mainly comes from the application of the industry. Any new technology is first applied to the industry due to its commercial cost, when the technical cost is gradually reduced to the commercial cost of civil use, it will naturally enter the civil application, but the application in the final technical scenario will be different from the application experience of the industry. This is why cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other technologies have only been applied to civilian products in recent years.
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