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Development Trend of Shenzhen ptksai intelligent advertising machine

by:PTKSAI     2019-12-23
The development trend of Shenzhen ptksai intelligent advertising machine is summarized from two aspects :(I) For the development of the world advertising machine industry, the media and Internet technologies are continuously developing, and network-based solutions have become the highlights of the market. Among them, the network and digital playing system is used to replace the existing local playing mode of advertising machines, and the online version is used to replace the existing stand-alone version, which is the development trend of the advertising machine industry. Intelligent and humanized management platform and diversified and real-time publishing mode are the development directions of advertising machines. Advertising Machine * originated in foreign countries. The reason why LCD advertising machine can develop rapidly in China is that LCD advertising machine can change the traditional commercial propaganda methods, it enables consumers to have brand-new shopping experience and auditory and visual satisfaction, which can shorten the relationship between consumers and merchants and make consumers willing to accept the product promotion of merchants. At the same time, the LCD advertising machine is also simple to operate, with few restrictive factors and to a large extent liberating the number of staff and saving the employment cost for the enterprise, reduce the workload and improve the publicity efficiency. With the development of modern information technology, advertising also affects consumers' consumption concepts all the time. Many consumers regard advertising as a consumption guide, and the role of advertising machines is also obvious at this time, its market will be more and more broad. Today, the blue editor will talk about the development of the advertising machine industry over the years. Intelligent advertising machine intelligent advertising machine (II) The general situation of the development of advertising machines in our country the advertising industry in our country * started from Shanghai in the 1930s S. Advertising has penetrated into all aspects of people's lives. Now people are more legal in advertising management, it is much more standardized and more real than in the past. Many consumers regard advertising as a guide and guide to consumption. The publicity role of advertising machines is becoming more and more prominent, and the future market is very vast. At present, China's advertising industry has entered a new stage of development. The amount of advertising in hotels, supermarkets, subways, airports, hospitals, etc. is increasing. In the next few years, advertising machines will enter a period of rapid development. At the same time, due to the continuous development of liquid crystal display technology, the industry technology of advertising machine is also continuously developing, bringing profits and new vitality to many industries. Intelligent advertising machine can simplify some problems according to people's external characteristics in a short period of time to meet people's various needs. Can you imagine that in a few years, can it simulate human emotions to serve more people? Let's wait and see, the development space of intelligent advertising machine is unlimited, and it will never stop fighting with human beings. Intelligent advertising machine intelligent advertising machine
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