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Did you brush your face today?

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-03
At present, face painting is a trend, and even concerts will realize face painting and code scanning. At a concert in early 2020, there is no paper ticket. You can enter the concert scene in one second by brushing your face. It is understood that this is the first large-scale application of face painting technology in China's domestic large-scale concerts. When it comes to face recognition applications, most people immediately think of face attendance. In fact, the way of face painting has long been combined with all walks of life. In 2004, through the combination of face painting technology, the smart canteen of man Kebao set off a great revolution in the field of canteen upgrading, which has continued until now. The common problems of cash change, card failure, card loss and low dining efficiency can be effectively solved by brushing the face. Besides brushing your face for dinner, have you ever seen the following scenes? Alipay mobile phone face payment is no longer strange. Through mobile phone camera face recognition, you can easily identify user status and make the fund account more secure. Brush face access control brush face access control can identify the identity of employees, residents and students, prevent unidentified people from entering the community and campus, make the security more stable and reduce the risk of accidents. Brush face and car, can solve the trouble of cash change and mobile phone code scanning, and make users more calm and convenient. We often use the bus card or scan the code. But the car card forgot to recharge or the mobile phone did not have a signal, resulting in the embarrassment of unable to pay. Using face swiping payment can automatically deduct the fare from the bound account through face recognition. Brush face take the elevator brush face take the elevator can identify the identity of passengers. In the community, you can use the face brush to take the elevator. As long as you brush the face recognition terminal in the elevator, you can automatically identify the identity of the residents, and automatically select the floors you often go to. You can also use big data to automatically allocate the floor passenger flow and reduce the waiting time in the peak period. Brush face to pick up express for pick up express automatic storage containers in many places. Swipe the face to open the door to pick up the goods can avoid the trouble of user scanning code and entering password, and swipe the face to pick up the goods. Many well-known chain convenience stores and supermarkets now also introduce the brush face payment cash register. Customers who have opened the brush face payment can automatically complete the payment by scanning their faces in front of the cash register. Brush face to borrow books along the river Tujia Autonomous County has opened the first 24-hour self-service library of face recognition in China. Readers can enter and exit the library through face recognition terminal. If you want to borrow a book, you only need to brush your face and the book on the self-service lending machine to automatically identify the book information and the reader's identity, and complete the borrowing process without handling the library card, deposit and other links. The application of face recognition in face brushing examination has not been new for a long time. The identity verification terminal with face recognition function has been used in the national college entrance examination and civil servant examination in some provinces, with high recognition accuracy, ensuring the identity correspondence of examinees, and effectively preventing the situation of substituting examinees for examinees. Brush face check-in is mainly used for company attendance, site attendance, large meetings, sports events and other scenes with a large number of participants. Speed up the verification of face recognition and reduce the pressure of staff. Generally speaking, face painting technology is very grounded in life scenes. I believe that in the near future, face painting will become a common thing.
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