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digital outdoor advertising exists, but is still in its developmental stages

by:PTKSAI     2019-10-26
Outdoor advertising in India will grow by 17% between 2010 and 2015.
Ask experts to predict the situation in India in 2010. The out-of-
India\'s Home TV media itself has been in its infancy for three years.
But the media has grown a lot compared to three years ago.
Today, there is a further understanding of this medium and its future prospects.
The need to reach out to consumers, changes in the way consumers live, the increase in time out and the fragmentation of the media have led to growth in the industry.
When consumers \"go out\" in public places, the focus of the digital format is to market them, because most people spend part of their time not at home in shopping centers, multi-channel broadcasts, etc, office, restaurant, gym, bookstore, club, etc.
Outdoor media plays a powerful emerging media role in all these places.
The slowdown has affected both the global and Indian markets.
This has led to several changes in industry, media and advertising spending.
There is uncertainty about spending due to the economic slowdown.
Companies are beginning to be limited by advertising spending and make sure they spend money effectively.
They started looking for a variety of media options to get the best value for money.
Companies feel that spending on advertising is limited, which leads them to try new media.
The industry did suffer in 2009, with customers and media organizations starting to step out of the comfort zone and focus on focus and cost
This is where we become important media tools for our customers.
Outdoor media adds vitality to the advertiser\'s existing media plans and provides access among dark and scattered media users.
The slowdown has an impact on outdoor media and any other media company.
The number of our customers has increased, but in order to remain competitive, we have to reduce the price by nearly 30%.
Outdoor space seems to be more attractive and open to innovation.
However, more clients and categories will have to be added.
Overall, given expected infrastructure growth, an increase in time outside the home, and overall economic prosperity over the next few years, there is expected to be a huge increase in space in the future.
Of course, Outdoor has its own restrictions. Audience-
Lead research on similarities with other media to generate traffic, coverage, and frequency estimates.
As an outdoor company, we understand the gap in understanding the media and have launched the outdoor metrics, the first in India today --ever large-
Extended digital outputof-
Research on home TV
We conducted this study in collaboration with Nielsen with a sample size of 15,000-
The largest of any studies conducted so far.
The purpose is to understand the population profile and audience across our region.
As the world moves from broadcasting to narrow, we outdoor media believe in flexible broadcasting.
This is a new media planning tool for outdoor media innovation.
According to the products offered by different target audiences, flexible playback helps advertisers communicate with them in different ways.
It gives advertisers the flexibility to spread TV brands on outdoor media screens based on their choice of city, location, target audience, creativity and language.
We always believe in providing more value to advertisers.
We try to customize the media plan for each advertiser in order to provide maximum value to the brand.
We also try to create more publicity for the brand.
For example, Maruti takes full advantage of flexible marketing to put ads that fit the target audience for each brand.
Tata Sky made a contextual advertisement with us. e.
We have created different ideas for many shows, shopping centers, etc.
For the release of the Nokia E75, we have converted many of our screens into Nokia E75 phones.
This conversion is done in such a way that the consumer actually has a complete understanding of the appearance of the e75.
2010 will also be a challenging year, but our role as a leader in this industry will be to maintain the relevance of this media to customers, so that it is not only the outdoor media, but also the interests of the entire industry.
The current recession has had little impact on most of the forces that drive outdoor advertising so popular and valuable today.
A key reason for the rise in popularity of outdoor advertising is the sharp decline in the value of all other forms of advertising media.
In front of huge entertainment options
From mp3 to youtube
The entire business model of most media is in danger, and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.
With the decline in advertising revenue competition, this will naturally have an impact on the outdoor industry.
* In India: Telecom (
Maximum outdoor consumption: 43%)
Will play a very important role in outdoor advertising, as many new players such as Datacom, Tata Docomo, MTS, Reliance GSM, Unitech have launched services this year.
In 2008, the total expenditure on outdoor advertising was RS 1,455 and is expected to increase from PricewaterhouseCoopers * to RS 2,100: from a longer commute to more road cars outdoor ads seem to be in the right place at the right time.
Surprisingly, after about 100of-
In all media, home, old Gothic outdoor advertising has become the best positioning.
I believe the Internet is a big credit.
Disable various media options permanently * highest cost-
Effective: there is nothing else to afford.
Evaluation on a per thousand basis (CPT)
Outdoor advertising is still the biggest winner compared to other media.
This is a good feature during the recession as advertisers try to reduce ads that are thought to be too expensive for their impression.
* It is highly adaptable: when tobacco exits from outdoor advertising, about 50% of billboard revenue disappears overnight, people take to the streets, develop new outdoor customers, and vacancies disappear immediately
People no longer lament the absence of tobacco companies.
This reflects the volatility of the market.
When national advertising is withdrawn, local advertising takes up the whole space.
When the locals retreat, the Nationals step in.
Now, the logo can be changed, a story can be told, and a new set of advertisers can be attracted.
Unlike other static traditional media, outdoor can become anything necessary to survive and thrive.
* Outdoor advertising is sexy: With the emergence of new forms of digital media such as LCD and LED, environmental advertising is considered creative.
For the first time in its history, those old car billboards used the best billboards to show their stuff.
While the outdoor industry is sure to rebound, advertisers have carefully studied their policies and processes during the slowdown and are more cautious and rewarding --on-
Focus on investment.
As a result, spending in the outdoor sector may increase in 2010 compared to 2009, which will require media owners to significantly change the way the industry operates in order to take outdoor activities to a new level.
Outdoor income will (as always)
This depends on the growth of telecom operators, the success of the IPO market, the growth of the banking sector, the construction and the growth of media companies that promote their content.
But in order to really increase revenue, the industry needs to focus on three main areas.
These measures include becoming a leading media, ensuring a proper measure of performance and gaining the trust of advertisers.
We will cover them in detail: * graduation from reminder media to guide Media: outdoor continues to be used as a reminder media, not as a guide media. Asset owners (and agencies)
The power of the media needs to be shown to advertisers.
Need to show big Oh-led campaigns (
How much can you remember)
And prove the same reward by allowing the right creative person to take advantage of the great potential that outdoor gives creativity.
The new street furniture contract and modern temporary media options offer a great opportunity to help transform the image of the industry.
* Enhanced measurability: most outdoors is currently sold based on perception.
As noted in the case of television, printing and broadcasting, when performance is measurable, spending on the media increases.
In the long run, data enables media buyers to demonstrate the returns they receive on advertising spending, thereby increasing their confidence and willingness to invest in such media.
The first few steps have been taken in this regard, but more needs to be done.
* Build transparency and trust: Issues related to billing and delivery have been plaguing the outdoors all the time.
This tends to reduce confidence in the industry.
Demonstrate the ability to deliver at a strong cost
Plus billing method (
And fair commission)
It will serve as a catalyst for increasing the number of large movements at the national level.
The global economic slowdown that began in the last quarter of 2008 continued until the end of the first two quarters of 2009, so India\'s economic situation is also facing a decline;
The situation is not frustrating compared to some other markets, but overall market sentiment is still negative.
This is partly due to the global connections of several major Indian companies affected by the performance of parent companies in other markets.
Historically, in times of recession, advertisers no longer try the media, but go back to the media that traditionally brought them the best results.
It\'s no surprise that when the economic slowdown hits India, most advertisers are careful to act and are cautious about promising marketing spending in untested new media.
As a result, due to the low occupancy rate of major contributors to major metropolises, the outdoor industry will perform poorly by the end of this year.
The general election in 2009 has promoted the occupancy rate of the industry to a certain extent. in the case of economic slowdown, the occupancy rate has reached a very low level.
Given that the market is still out of the shadow of a slowdown, although some formats will continue to receive a premium, media inflation is unlikely to emerge in 2010.
For some time, volatility in the advertising market may shift the scale to media owners, but analysts expect ad inflation to be consistent.
In the last quarter of 2009, global sentiment picked up faster;
As a result, India\'s GDP has grown faster than expected, and analysts say India\'s economy may have passed its worst.
Indian stocks are also back on track, with several listed companies reporting profits in the third quarter.
The outdoor industry is expected to grow at a cumulative rate of 10.
The compound growth rate of 8% in 2013 reached 250 billion rupees.
The growth will come from an increase in infrastructure development projects, as well as more contributions from tier1 and tier 2 cities to the entire outdoor revenue mix.
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