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Dining room warm p engineering wisdom, make workers more efficient!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-13
To further strengthen the construction of police staff canteen, implement & other; Warm throughout engineering & p; Jianyang prison, innovative methods, strengthening internal management, steadily improving police staff dining satisfaction. “ Full treasure & throughout; Wisdom canteen management system: one is innovation order mode, build & other; Throughout the dining room & wisdom; 。 Prison cooperate with construction bank through full treasure intelligent management system, online order a meal, sweep the yard payment, the nutrition diet management, feedback, after the kitchen management, and other data as a whole, build & other; Throughout the dining room & wisdom; Organic integration, to achieve the economical and convenient. Through the system, police staff only need to log in APP, can according to oneself be fond of, choose dishes on the APP, and also can be achieved through the APP refund meal, prepaid phone, payment, feedback and a series of operations, meet the demand of police staff dining convenience and order a meal. Eat well, eat well, eat health: the second is to strengthen internal management, improve operation quality. Prison will canteen service outsourcing in the form of public bidding, by the society in daily operation and management professional catering service enterprises. At the same time, choose proficient business, a strong sense of responsibility of civilian police company quartermaster, standardize management of the canteen, ensure the worker & other police; Eat well, eat cooked, eat health & throughout; The standardization of the operation level, effectively improve the canteen. Spacious dining environment: third, pay attention to detail management, enhance service awareness. Seriously listen to police staff advice, enrich the breed of design and color of food, reasonable collocation of nutrition meals, at the same time, according to the local breakfast habits, specifically for police staff to provide a variety of traditional snacks, greatly improved the dining demand of police staff.
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