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Don't line up for the New Year! Brush face payment

by:PTKSAI     2020-02-23
2019 is the first year of face painting payment. Since face painting payment has been widely accepted by people, it has been favored by countless consumers. Although the current code scanning payment still occupies a huge market, we can also see that the face scanning payment is gradually becoming a new payment trend. Compared with the two-dimensional code payment that people are used to, brush face payment is attracting more and more businesses and customers' hearts, so why can brush face payment make people feel moved? Now, let's take a look at the advantages of face swiping payment: first, reducing labor costs is well known. Every supermarket and restaurant needs cashiers, especially in large supermarkets and shopping centers, when the number of cashiers is tight and busy, they can't handle it. But if too many cashiers are employed, the cashiers are basically not too many when there are relatively few customers in the store Many things, so the supermarket operation cost has become a big problem. With the combination of face swiping payment and self-service cash collection system, consumers can order meals and check out on their own, so that they do not need so many cashiers, which can greatly reduce labor costs. After the cost is reduced, more discounts can be given to consumers. Therefore, brush face payment has a positive impact on both businesses and consumers. 2、 Save time and cost the whole process of face painting payment will not exceed 10 seconds. Compared with code scanning payment, face painting payment is much easier and faster. That is, pay as you go, which saves the waiting time of customers and improves the shopping experience of customers. 3、 In the era of combination of payment and authentication, face is the passport of account. Its biometric system brings convenience to people, which is incomparable in any other form, including account password combination. 4、 It omits the mobile phone as the payment medium, which seems to be specially prepared for the defects of QR code payment in some special scenarios: 1. Too much dependence on the network, once the mobile phone network is in poor condition, it can't pay normally; 2. Not fast enough, many people have the habit of one payment app binding multiple bank cards, and the amount is distributed to yu'ebao, Huabei and other platforms, resulting in payment Once the balance of the preferred payment form is insufficient, you have to manually select other payment cards to delay the time. 3. Brush face payment based on big data technology can solve the above two problems well. It does not need mobile phones, and has the function of intelligent priority processing when paying, which further provides convenience for consumers. 4. In some places where it is not convenient to carry or disable mobile phones, it is also an important application scenario of face payment. For example, places where mobile phones are inconvenient to use, such as near the swimming pool and beach playground; places where mobile phones are forbidden, such as inflammable and explosive places, schools and factories. 4、 It's no longer difficult for businesses to do business. The problem of 'easy to open and hard to keep' has been puzzling the real businesses. Although QR code payment improves the business efficiency of businesses, it can't obtain user data and can't carry out subsequent secondary marketing. And brush face payment can, it not only has the function of brush face, but also a set of digital intelligent operation system. 5、 Advertising revenue + official subsidy policy businesses can take advantage of the natural advantages of face brushing equipment screen, and combine with the actual situation to put in advertising and publicity brands, to obtain income. In addition, businesses currently purchase face painting equipment directly enjoy official policy subsidies. It can be seen that face payment technology is also friendly to businesses and consumers. Since five years ago, people have become accustomed to mobile payment. QR code is not only a means of payment, but also an entrance to the mobile Internet. Now, whether Alipay or WeChat, or the size of the business, they feel that the payment of the brush face may be the next “ the entrance &rdquo. According to the current trend, we have reason to believe that face swiping payment will be faster than the popularity of QR code payment. In the future, when we go shopping, we don't even need to take out our mobile phones, and just swipe our faces. The era of living by faces is coming.
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