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Don't use new sweep code gun? A few simple steps to fix!

by:PTKSAI     2020-03-10
Since the beginning of the sweep code gun, then obtained the swift and violent development and extensive application. Today, sweeping code gun is with the development of automatic identification technology and more popular, the streets, big to large business super, small to the corner convenience store, and code can be seen almost a gun. But many merchants to sweep yards gun, in addition to look at the instruction, will have any questions? How to use it. In fact both wired and wireless, basic it is plug and play. Flicking code gun scan barcode code gun is through the cable connected to the computer in the system, can achieve read bar code data, so let's look at the future together of lv1300 sweep code steps and methods for the use of guns. First, ensure that sweep yards before scanning gun connected to the computer USB interface or cashier system interface, when connected to a & other; Di & throughout; Voice; Next, open the computer software system, aim the vision of lv1300 commodities or electronic single bar code, press the pull key, can be realized on the bar code read. If you do not read, we need to adjust the reading yards, light position and Angle, to ensure that the barcode of each line can be covered with light scanning gun, suitable reading yards in 15 20CM。 Through the above basic steps, I believe you about how to use normally scan code gun has had certain understanding, merchants in the process of use guns and code, as long as familiar with the sweep method, can use basically all horses behind to successful, generally can reach pressing the scan button once read out the effect of qr code.
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